Interview: Donna Smits

T: Tell me a little about yourself.

D: I am a Union Rep, Political Activist, Vice President of the Delaware AFL-CIO and Rebel Rousing Resister. Mom to a beautiful, married daughter, grandmom to two rescued pit bulls and an avid music lover and concert goer. I love traveling whenever my free time allows me.

T: What was your first 3EB show like?

D: Technically, my first show was in 2000 at the University of Delaware. My then boyfriend couldn’t have bought worse seats and we fought most of the show.

Courtesy: Donna Smits

T: What 3EB song means the most to you? Why?

D: This is really hard, but I am going to have to say “Wounded” because I was gang raped when I was a teenager.

T: What is your favorite interaction with the band? Why?

I have met the boys on numerous occasions. I am going to have to say (while this is also hard to pick a favorite) in London bar hopping after the show. It was just a fun night drinking and dancing with the boys.

T: What's your favorite song(s) to hear live? Why?

D: “Wounded” especially in these times I feel an urgent need to "back down the bully to the back of the bus.”

Third Eye Blind Wall of Fame, Donna Smits Home

Courtesy: Donna Smits

T: If you were stuck on an island with one member of the band, who would you choose?

D: As much as I would like to pound Stephan, oops, I mean pound one back with Stephan. My choice for this would be Alex Kopp. I think we would have amazing conversations about travel, music and progressive issues. Between my street smarts and his tech smarts and extreme sport skills, I think he would figure how to get us off that island the quickest. I don't have a long attention span, so you can't keep me on an island too long even if it is with a dude from my favorite band!

T: If you could help choose five songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose?

D: I am going to choose five that don’t make current set lists and aren’t standard…

  • “Darkness”
  • “Good Man”
  • “About to Break”
  • “Dao St. Paul”
  • “The Background”
Courtesy: Donna Smits

Courtesy: Donna Smits

Courtesy: Donna Smits

Courtesy: Donna Smits

T: You've seen the band in many different states and even overseas! What has been your favorite place to see them?

D: There is a tie for first place… The Fighting Cocks Bar in Kingston, UK and The Chapel in San Francisco, CA. I chose The Chapel because besides being a beautiful venue, it has the nicest staff I have ever met anywhere. The Dazzleship’s show was a tribute to Bowie and songs they haven't played in a very long time. That night was so perfect in every way. My heart and soul were so filled with joy that night. The Fighting Cocks Bar in Kingston, UK ties for my favorite. This tiny bar that only holds a little over a 100 people in the venue part was the smallest public show the boys ever played. The place has very little ventilation and apparently no air conditioning! They couldn't even fit all their equipment on the stage. No one left that show without being drenched in sweat after the boys played the whole Dopamine album for the first and only time and then a few more songs at the crowds request. Stephan opened my hand and put a pic in it, that's how close we were to the stage. We may have all been a hot mess after the show, but our smiles were from ear to ear!

Courtesy: Donna Smits

Courtesy: Donna Smits

T: Anything you'd like to add?

D: I have gone to a lot of concerts and I love a lot of bands and musicians. The one thing that makes 3EB so different is the friendships that have developed through their shows and the sheer pure joy of seeing them on the front rail with other Misfits that love this band as much as I do. The love can’t be duplicated.

Courtesy: Donna Smits