Interview: Haleigh Wright


A recent study said that we form the deepest and most profound emotional attachments to the music we fall in love with from childhood to early adulthood.

So, thank you to all the second-generation fans of Third Eye Blind for keeping the music we grew up with alive.

We love seeing you at the shows- and I know Stephan does, too. 

What is it about Third Eye Blind that makes you such a fan?

Haleigh Wright: My parents always played the basic Third Eye Blind songs when I was little (“Semi-Charmed Life”, “How's It Going to Be”, etc.), but I really became obsessed 3 years ago when I was 11, a little bit before Dopamine came out. I had a fan account on Instagram and I cried when Alex Kopp liked my pictures; the 3EB addiction has only escalated from there. 

Courtesy: Haleigh Wright

If you could travel with one member of the band, who would you choose? Where would you like to go?

Haleigh Wright: If I could travel with any member, I would choose Kryz and we would go to Japan, without a doubt. I've always wanted to go to Japan and Kryz seems to know his way around pretty well. (Plus, Kryz is pretty great.)

You’re trapped in an elevator for 1 hour with Stephan Jenkins and he offers to play you two songs… what would they be?

Haleigh Wright: If Stephan offered to sing me two songs in an elevator, I'm picking “One in Ten” and “Wake for Young Souls”, for sure. 

Is there one 3EB concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why?

Haleigh Wright: I've only been to two 3EB concerts, but the last one I went to stands out for sure. It was for my 14th birthday, and it was definitely the best day of my life. Actually, that's where I got to meet some of the admins of 3eb Lifestyle. :) It was crazy, I had been following the group account, and some of their personal accounts, for a while, and to meet them in person was something I didn't expect. I remember seeing Lauren in line thinking, I recognized her, and I did! They helped me get to the front of the pit for my favorite songs and helped me meet Ethan from Ocean Park Standoff. It was so surreal to see the band up close, Stephan is even more magical in person. I remember seeing LeCav before they all came out and thinking, "OH MAN HE'S REAL." I even freaked out seeing Danny. Everything about that day feels like a dream and I can't wait for another one like it. 

Courtesy: Haleigh Wright

If found a magic Third Eye Blind Lamp, and a semi-charmed genie popped out, and you could make three Third Eye Blind related wishes, what would they be?

Haleigh Wright: 

  1. My number one wish from a semi-charmed genie would be to be able to tour with them as sort of an assistant, doing the basic things that they just don't have time for.

  2. My second wish would be just to run into the band somewhere in public and get to talk with them.

  3. The last wish I'd make is to get to know one member personally, any of them. I'm completely in love with them all, but there's only so much you can know about someone without actually knowing them personally.

If you could only listen to one song by Third Eye Blind for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

Haleigh Wright: The 3EB song that I would choose to listen to forever is Shipboard Cook. The album Dopamine means a lot to me because it was the band's first new release since I had become a die-hard. When I got the CD I listened to it on repeat for months, and #2 has always been my favorite track. It was even in all of my dreams for a while.