Interview: James Childress

When James first experienced depression, his brother gifted him with the Third Eye Blind Self Titled album. 

The lyrics of the songs fit with what was going on in his life. When his brother died suddenly this soundtrack would hold a very special connection. This is when James became obsessed with Third Eye Blind. 

James Childress

Is Third Eye Blind the Soundtrack to Your Life: 


Do you have any Third Eye Blind inspired Tattoos: 

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Tell us a little bit about yourself: 

James Childress: I'm the administrator for The -Third Eye Blind- Assembly, and the original founder of the Facebook group The -Third Eye Blind- MisfitsI also run a new 3eb archive page= check them out If you haven't yet. 

Lisa Murphy: Third Eye Blind fans are all ages, some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind?"

James Childress: I've been Into 3EB since 1997. They didn't become my favorite band until the early 2000's a little after Blue came out.

LM: What's your favorite Third Eye Blind album? And why?

JC: When I first became depressed, my brother gave me the Self Titled album. The lyrics were so spot on with what was going on in my life. I felt like I was being stalked by the song writer. After that I was obsessed. 

LM: If you got to have a sit down (non-date) meal and conversation with any member of the band, who would you choose?

JC: If I could hang out with a member of the band, it would be Kryz Reid.

Kryz Reid.jpg

LM: What are your favorite lyrics and why?

JC: The Background Is my favorite slow 3EB song, however "Time It passes and It tells us what we're left with, we become the things we do" from Blinded is my favorite lyric.   

LM: Do you recall the very first Third Eye Blind song you have ever heard? If so what song was it? How did It make you feel?

JC: Semi-Charmed Life was the first song I heard by the band. It first made me happy, then sad after my first break up, ten years later.  In my addiction, I understand the dark side of it more than I would have liked to. 

LM: Is there one particular Third Eye Blind concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why?

JC: My first and last concerts were both the best. My first was one of the last gigs with Tony, and I met the whole band after,  everyone except Abe. The last was in 2016 In Los Angeles. The new line up Is just amazing live! That's all I need to say! 

LM: How many performances have you seen or watched approximately?

JC: I've been to four 3EB concerts. 

LM: If the band offered to let you perform with them, what part would you want to play? What songs would you want to sing?

JC: If I was ever offered to play with the band, I would want to play guitar with Kryz Reid on Say It.  

LM: What is the greatest thing that being a fan has brought into your life?

JC: The greatest thing about being a fan that has happened to me, was being sent eight unreleased songs.  I dropped the songs on Youtube on a Third Eye Blind Mixed Tape titled Rare -Third Eye Blind- Volume 1

LM: What is your favorite interaction with the band? Why?

JC: My favorite Interaction with the band has been meeting all the original members at one time or another. 

LM: What's your favorite song(s) to hear live? Why?

JC: I was blown away by the song Motorcycle Drive By. It reminded me of Guns N Roses November Rain, because how It starts off slow, builds up, explodes, then comes back down. My favorite live song right now Is Dopamine.

LM: If you could travel with one member of the band, who would you choose? Where would you like to go?

JC: If I could travel with anyone, I would travel with Kryz Reid to Japan.   

LM: If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose? Why?

JC: If I could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list they would be: Lay Back, Gorgeous, Shipboard Cook, Blade, and Hold Me Down.

LM: On behalf of all of us in Lifestyle, we want to thank you for all that you do on a daily basis to keep the music alive