Interview: John Michael LoRusso

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Learn how Stephan's lyrics, charisma, and the way he carries himself has helped him through the rough times in his life...

Find out about the first Third Eye Blind concert that he attended and how it made him feel.

Lisa Murphy: Third Eye Blind fans are all ages and some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind? 

John Michael LoRusso: I've been fan since the spring of 97. The first article I wrote “Blind Panic,” breaks down where I was in my life when I first heard Third Eye Blind. It has been 21+ years and counting of fandom. Each passing year I become more rabid about the band and their music.

LM: So many people have made true friendships through Third Eye Blind and their music. I know that includes you. Any new besties from this year?:

JML:  Yes, I've become good friends with a few people in the group.  I hope to attend some shows with you guys and girls. That will certainly be epic.

LM:  What's your favorite Third Eye Blind album? And why?

JML: I can't choose between “Self Titled” or “Blue”. All their albums came out or I happened to find the albums at a time in my life when I needed them the most. “Blue” just sounds like music that I've never heard or that I will never hear again.  The vibe of that album, lyrics, production, bass, drums, and guitar playing were layered in just an incredible fashion. I hope we get 20 years of “Blue” next year! 

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LM:  If you got to have a sit down (non-date) meal and conversation with any member of the band, who would you choose?

JML: Stephan. His lyrics, his charisma and the way he carries himself has helped me in my life. The best thing about Stephan is that he lives a modest life. It's him, his motorbike, San Francisco, coffee, beers, lyrics, and performing. He doesn't need to flaunt his riches or need a big house. Those little things in life fulfill him. In may ways, I'm content with just appreciating the little things in life, like he is.

Courtesy John Michael LoRusso

Courtesy John Michael LoRusso

Courtesy John Michael LoRusso

Courtesy John Michael LoRusso

LM: Have you had a major point in your life that Third Eye Blind has helped you through it and how?:

JML: My article “Blind Panic” tells the story of how Third Eye Blind's music helped me through a difficult time in my life. 

Blind Panic

Blind Panic

LM:  Have you written any of your own music?  

JML: Yes!!! I will share those lyrics with any of you upon request. I can sing as well! 

LM: What are your favorite lyrics and why?

JML: "If i can bottle my hopes in a store bought scent it'll be nutmeg peach and it'll pay the rent."  I love those lyrics because they always have a way of getting me out of a bad mood. I know the feeling of working so hard, waiting for that break to happen and having all your hopes and dreams hanging in the balance.

LM: Is there one particular Third Eye Blind concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why? 

JML: Summer Gods 2017. The first Third Eye Blind concert I ever attended. It was awesome to see an entire album that i loved performed in its entirety. It was a euphoric experience.

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LM:  If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose?Why? 

JML: ‘An Ode To Maybe’, ‘Back To Zero’, ‘God Of Wine’, ‘Blinded’, ‘Motorcycle Drive By’. Its so hard to choose but I know they never perform ‘Ode’. The other  four songs they have but this is my show!!! 

LM : If you found a magic Third Eye Blind Lamp, and a semi-charmed  genie popped out, and you could make three Third Eye Blind related wishes, what would they be?

JML: My wishes would be: 

“Blue” 20 Year Anniversary Tour

“Blue” 20 Year Remaster and making of the album

New Album in 2019 

Courtesy John Michael LoRusso

Courtesy John Michael LoRusso