Interview: Ken Vejby

Find out what Stephan said to him that "shook" him and drove him to do more to make a difference...

Courtesy Ken Vejby

Courtesy Ken Vejby

Lifestyle: Please tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What type of job do you do? What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Tell us about your family, children?

Ken: To start off, I’m a 15 years old kid. I live in San Ramon, CA. I work at a local Mexican restaurant and I have an interest in bass guitar and flying drones.

Lifestyle: How long have you been a fan of Third Eye Blind? What is it about the band makes you a fan?

Ken: I’ve loved and followed Third Eye Blind my whole life. My dad introduced me to the band’s first albums, red, blue, and green before I could remember. I was the one who introduced him to today’s Third Eye Blind. I think the band’s ability to change so much from song to song keeps me coming back for more. When a band has a wide variety of songs, it’s easy to listen in any mood.

Lifestyle: What does living a “3EBLifestyle” mean to you?

Ken: Living a 3EBLifestyle, to me, means applying the perfect music to your life to make it better.

LifeStyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind album?

Ken: My favorite Third Eye Blind album has to be Ursa Major. I think of the mountains when I hear it.

Ursa Major Album.jpg

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind song? Why?

Ken: My favorite song has to be Sharp Knife. A year ago, I was driving to a Boy Scout Camp for a secret ordeal. I had no idea what I was getting into and there was fog, rain and cold in the mountains. I was honestly scared out of my mind and all of this was running through my head to the tune of Sharp Knife playing in the car and that fear of the unknown was captured in the song. Now, when I hear it, the same feeling of fear comes back as a memory.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind lyric? Why?

Ken: My favorite lyric is “lightning comes and lightning goes and it’s all the same to me” because I’m living the time in high school where I feel like I’m the only person who hasn’t changed for the worst.

Lifestyle: Tell us about your first Third Eye Blind concert. Describe in detail what this concert experience was like for you.

Ken: My first Third Eye Blind concert was actually last year, Tuesday, November 14th in San Jose. My dad and I ran to the front of the crowd right by the stage. My dad and I yelled our lungs out the entire night, sharing glances with the band. It was the best night of my life, hands down. Also, that’s where I met 3EB, right in front with us!

Lifestyle: How many concerts have you attended? Which concert was the most memorable for you and why?

Ken: I’ve been to Green Day, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Third Eye Blind, Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars, many more. Third Eye Blind was the most memorable because I had never been that close to a band and to share it all with my dad made it the best.

Lifestyle: What is the farthest you have traveled to see the band perform? Tell us about this experience.

Ken: San Jose is the farthest I’ve gone. It’s nice that they’re a San Francisco band.

Lifestyle: Have you ever had an interaction with the band? In person? Through social media (Twitter, Instagram)?  Please tell us about it.

Ken: First off, I met Stephan at Amoeba Records San Francisco when Summer Gods Live was released on vinyl. I shook his hand and we talked for a bit. He asked me what school I go to and if I had participated in the recent gun rights walk out. I proudly said yes, and he looked me in the eye and told me that he was proud. That "shook" me and drove me to do more. After that, I thought about joining the thousands of people marching Market Street in San Francisco the next Saturday. I ended up attending with a poster that read, “I’m on the side of everyone who wants to stay alive”. That got the attention of Stephan on Twitter. It was incredible.

Courtesy Ken Vejby

Courtesy Ken Vejby

Lifestyle: If you were able to sit down and have a conversation with Stephan what would you talk about? What would you like him to know about you?

Ken: If I were to have a conversation face-to-face with Stephan, I would talk politics and tell him that he inspired me to do what I did. I would like him to know that he’s made my life better through his music.



Lifestyle: If you could have a non-date meal with a member of the band who would it be? What would you talk about?

Ken: I’d have dinner with Stephan and talk about the above.

Lifestyle: Do you have any special talents? Artist? Performer? Musician? Please tell us what you do. Have you created anything 3EB related?

Ken: Talents? I’m getting into playing bass guitar, but I’m not really the artist type. I haven’t really done anything with 3EB Lifestyle but I would like to sometime.

Lifestyle: Do you have any 3EB inspired ink? Do you have or plan to get any 3EB inspired ink? If so please share what inspired your choice. If you are planning on future ink, what are you going to get and why?

Ken: Too young to get a tattoo and I’m thinking I won’t have any ink. 

Lifestyle: What life event/s has Third Eye Blind music helped you through?

Ken: I don’t think I would have gotten through high school without Third Eye Blind. On nights I would stay up until midnight working on projects, Third Eye Blind kept me going.

Lifestyle: Fans have established many friendships through Third Eye Blind and their music. Describe how this is true for you.

Ken: The reason I know the 3EBLifestyle group is through Third Eye Blind, of course. Their music brings countless people together. I’ve always been close with my dad, but Third Eye Blind has made us closer and I am forever thankful.

Lifestyle: Stephan and the band love animals. Stephan recently rescued a gray Pit named Bruce. Please tell us about your fur babies.

Ken: I have a Golden Doodle named Cocoa and he loves Third Eye Blind!!! He’s 3.

Lifestyle: What other types of music do you listen to besides Third Eye Blind? What other bands or performers do you follow closely?

Ken: I don’t know any bands as close as Third Eye Blind and that’s what makes them cool. But I do love Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Panic! At The Disco, Blink-182, and many others.

Lifestyle: If you were asked to create a setlist for one of their concerts, what would you choose and why?  

Ken: Set list:

  1. Losing a Whole Year

  2. Company of Strangers

  3. Bonfire

  4. Sharp Knife

  5. Wounded

  6. Blinded

  7. Red Star

  8. Monotov’s Private Opera

  9. Slow Motion