Interview: Kris Comer

Kris Comer

Kris Comer, our Expert of the Week, is truly blessed.

She has two amazing sisters and both are also fans of Third Eye Blind.

If I had a wish, I’d wish to meet all of the people we’ve interviewed, so we can sing our hearts out together at a show.

What's your favorite Third Eye Blind album? :

KRIS COMER: Self Titled

Third Eye Blind fans are all ages. Some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind ?”

KC: Since 1997, when Semi-Charmed Life came out!

Have you had a major point in your life that 3eb has helped you through it and how?

KC: I went through a tough divorce back in 2010 and listened to the Ursa Major album non-stop to get me through (Especially Sharp Knife, Why Can’t You Be and One in Ten!).

It’s the 20th Anniversary of the Self-Titled album. For many, some of the songs have changed in meaning over the years. Do you have one song from that album that has really grown up with you, so to speak?

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KC: How’s It Going to Be - I had a really great best friend at the time and we would sing that song all the time. Well, as sometimes these things happen, we grew apart and that song applies to our friendship.

What are your favorite lyrics and why?

KC: Motorcycle Drive By

“The cigarette ash flies in your eyes, And you don't mind, you smile, And say the world doesn't fit with you, I don't believe you, you're so serene, Careening through the universe, Your axis on a tilt, you're guiltless and free, I hope you take a piece of me with you, And there's things I'd like to do, That you don't believe in, I would like to build something, But you never see it happen, And there's this burning, Like there's always been, I've never been so alone, And I've, I've never been so alive”

It reminds me of being 21 again. I used to be worried about what other people thought because of their religion. And worry because of what parents expect from you. I wanted to be the one who was guiltless and free. Now I live that way twenty years later!

Is there one particular 3eb concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why?

KC: The latest Berkeley show in California over this summer! It was amazing to hear their Self- Titled album from start to finish! It was a dream come true and I was with my two sisters who love 3EB as much as me. We were all so happy even though me and my sister Kelly had recent surgeries!

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How many performances have you seen or watched, approximately?

KC: I have seen 4, but it will be 5 in November at the Sacramento show!

If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose? Why?

KC: 1. Motorcycle Drive By 2.Wounded 3. Crystal Baller 4. About to Break 5. Say It

These are the best songs from all the albums, they mean so much to me!

If you found a magic Third Eye Blind Lamp, and a semi-charmed genie popped out, and you could make three Third Eye Blind related wishes, what would they be?

KC: 1. Meet the whole band!

2. Have them all sign their debut album on vinyl for me!

3. Have them play a small show in our backyard for my sisters and me!

Courtesy Kris Comer

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