Interview: Lindsey Hileman

This week's expert Lindsey has been "in the blind" since the very beginning.

Lindsey shares her most memorable interaction with the band. Find out why she felt she needed to redeem herself in their eyes. 

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Lifestyle: How long have you been "in the blind?”

Lindsey Hileman: From day one. I fell in love with the band in 1997 when the SCL single came out. Man, I wish I still had that one--with Tattoo of the Sun as the B-side. Why does it have to be so hard to keep track of things for 21 years?

Lifestyle: Is there one particular 3EB concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why?

LH: For me, it would be more accurate to say there is always one particular thing that stays with me from every 3EB concert I go to. But let’s just go with the first show and the most recent show I attended. My first show was in 2000 when they were touring after Blue was released, Stephan was using a cane at the Boise show. Maybe he was just going for the whole star-crossed pimp look, but I think he was actually hurt. He had to sit down a few times. I just went to the Reno show on May 25, 2018 and got my first guitar pick (Stephan’s)!  

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Lifestyle: What is the greatest thing that being a fan has brought into your life?

LH: I now know I can buy a ticket to any show, anywhere and find my people. It has been incredible to find a community of fans who share my love for this band.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite interaction with the band? Why?

LH: After I bought tickets for a group of friends to attend the Fall of the Summer Gods show scheduled for Boise, I decided I really wanted to do meet and greet, but didn’t want to ditch the group I had already made plans with for my local show. So I bought a VIP ticket for the Salt Lake City show for the weekend before. I drove the five hours, went to sound check, and then it was time for meet and greet with Stephan and Brad. I had never done a meet and greet before and didn’t know what to expect and I was one of the first few in line so it didn’t give me enough time to figure out what the fuck I was supposed to do.

I tried to play it cool and not be an annoying fangirl, but went waaaaay too far in the other direction. I ended up acting somewhere between unimpressed and aloof. I didn’t even bother to tell them I had traveled all that way all by myself just for the moment with them. I spent the next six days in a funk totally hating myself and regretting the whole interaction. (I wish I were being hyperbolic.)

The next weekend, at the Boise show, I had a chance to redeem myself! I went to the merch table and learned I could have the Summer Gods tour book signed. When Stephan and Brad got to me, I just started gushing all my regrets from the previous weekend and how what I should have said was that everything they ever did was important to me. Stephan laughed a little and said “Well, it’s important to me to.” I think my face must have melted into some weird excited/terrified/overwhelmed expression because Stephan then gave me pity eyes and said “Awwww, come here” and pulled me in for a big hug. Then Brad assured me that they are all incredibly awkward people and that I shouldn’t feel like a fool. I was healed. Gawd, they are the best humans!

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Lifestyle: If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose? Why?

LH: I have to cheat so I can pick at least one from each album...

  1. Weightless (and I’d want them to open with this to bring back those Summer Gods feels!)

  2. Exiles

  3. Bonfire

  4. Danger

  5. Deep Inside of You

  6. I Want You

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Lifestyle: If you could only listen to one song by Third Eye Blind for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

LH: "I Want You". I could listen to that song on repeat for the rest of my life and never get sick of it.

Lifestyle: What are your favorite lyrics and why?

LH: This has changed many times, but currently:

“Because I recognize something in you that makes me feel I’m not alone.”

This lyric sums up exactly how I feel about being a part of the Third Eye Blind fan community, and how I feel about every lyric of every 3EB song. Pretty meta huh?

Alright, boys, bring on those new songs so I can fall in love with some new lyrics!

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman

Courtesy of Lindsey Hileman