Interview: Lorenzo Perez

Expert of The Week

This week’s Expert, Lorenzo Perez, really summed up the experience of a Third Eye Blind concert.

“Every concert is my favorite and it feels like home.” Exactly. Every concert has been special and memorable and wonderful.


BELLA WOLF: Third Eye Blind fans are all ages and some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind"?

LORENZO PEREZ: I've been a fan since SCL aired on the radio. I was in high school at the time and 3eb's music was perfect for someone like myself. Since it's been so long, I can't remember anymore what made me get the full album or if I got it as a gift but I quickly got hooked on the last half of the CD. I love all the songs, but the last half speaks to me.

BW: If you got to have a sit down (non-date) meal and conversation with any member of the band, who would you choose?

LP: My first instinct was to say Stephan, of course! After experiencing a few meet and greets, though, I'd like to hang out with Brad, if I could only pick one. I have nothing against Stephan, but at each meet and greet Brad just seemed to take more time and listen no matter how much I didn't know what I was talking about due to “meeting your favorite band” jitters. I think Stephan has warmed up over the years, though, and I love to see how artists become more appreciative. It really is about the music and how something they create makes you feel inside, that you just want to get close and tell them so.

BW: Have you had a major point in your life that 3eb has helped you through it and how?

LP: I wasn't too fond of my high school experience. A combination of feeling like a loner and hormones and suicidal thoughts didn't help. In retrospect, high school was the least of my problems, but hindsight is 20/20. I'd get stuck on certain songs here and there, but nothing struck me like 3eb's music. I couldn't stop listening and wanted more. I really feel that their music saved me from myself and got me through those awkward times. I'm thankful I was fortunate enough to be able to tell Stephan myself that his words, his band's music, saved me. 

BW: What are you favorite lyrics and why?

LP: "I've never been so alone, and I've never been so alive" -- I feel this lyric every day. MDB is my favorite song of any band I like and it's one I listen to over a range of emotions. Sad, mad, excited, defeated, etc. To me, it just fits any of those moods.

BW: Do you recall the very first 3eb song you have ever heard? If so, what song was it? How did it make you feel?

LP: Semi-Charmed Life was the first 3eb song I ever heard. It was on the radio and I don't remember anymore where I was and when exactly it was, other than sometime in high school. SCL is just one of those songs that's fun to sing no matter who you are. Doo doo doo doo doo doo doooo.

BW: Is there one particular 3eb concert that stands out to you from all the others? Why?

LP: I could pick from any number of the concerts I've seen. I've been to at least 11 3eb concerts, with most of them being in my hometown. My favorite could be the first show I ever saw in 2000, or it could be the first time I traveled to see my favorite band play the Taste of Ft. Collins in Colorado, or it could be the first time I was front row center right in front of Stephan. It could even be the most recent Summer Gods tour concert where I got some awesome pictures, now that phones have better cameras in them. Every concert is my favorite and it feels like home.

Courtesy: Lorenzo Perez

BW: What's your favorite interaction with the band?

LP: It's hard to pick a single one here also. Being up front is something else. When they look right at you, you know they're looking right at you. I was also surprised at the brief attention I got on Twitter and Facebook for my picture of Stephan holding the flower bouquet. I love taking pictures at concerts and around me, so to have a small group of people enjoy my picture(s) and get retweeted by Stephan was pretty cool. Another fun interaction was when I met 3eb at the tour buses with an ex-girlfriend (in 2002 maybe) and a couple other friends and she told Stephan that The Background makes her cry. Stephan's one word reply - "Good." That was the first time I met them and I got a picture with them and I remember feeling so elated like nothing would be better.

Lorenzo Perez

BW: What's your favorite song to hear live?

LP: In line with my favorite song described previously, MDB is always my favorite song to hear live. The emotion is amplified in a live setting and time stops for those 4 minutes. My next favorite song to hear live is whichever song gives me goosebumps. I wish I kept track, but there's always at least one song that gives me genuine, immediate goosebumps when it starts playing.

BW: If you could help choose 5 songs to put on a set list, which ones would you choose? Why?

LP: Assuming MDB is already on the set list of course...

I would choose

  1. The Background

  2. The Red Summer Sun

  3. Wake For Young Souls

  4. Dao Of St. Paul

  5. Something In You

3eb always saves the best stuff for the last half of the album and they need to play more of that.

BW: If you could only listen to one 3eb song for the rest of your life what would it be?

LP: MDB. No other explanation needed I think. Haha!

BW: You’re trapped in an elevator for 1 hour with Stephan Jenkins and he offers to play you two songs… what would they be?

LP: MDB. Would you expect anything less? For the second song though... I could go for a good Water Landing. I love the bridge..."the sky outside is so spacious..."