Interview: Meghan Moore

What is it about 2017? Love has been in the air this year - between wedding proposals at shows to meeting a couple who planned their wedding date around a Third Eye Blind concert. This week’s Expert, Meghan Moore, got engaged this year. She says that the band’s music has been the soundtrack to her life. So our wish for you, Meghan, is that it becomes the soundtrack to the happiness and love that I hope the rest of your life is full of. Congratulations.

BW: How and when did you become a fan?

MEGHAN MOORE: Hi! I’m so happy to do this interview! I became a fan of Third Eye Blind in 1997. I was only 11 when I first saw the Semi-Charmed Life music video on MTV. I liked the song and the video very much, but it wasn’t until I “borrowed” the Self-Titled album later that year from my older sister that I really became a fan. It is one of those albums you can play start to finish and enjoy every song. The last 3 songs on the album became very meaningful songs in my life as I grew up and I will always hold them close to my heart. As cliché as it may sound, Third Eye Blind’s music has very much become the soundtrack to my life. The first two albums will always be my favorites, but I love every single album very much.

BW: I got involved in following the band on social media, and in fan groups, because Emma insisted. How did you get involved in the “fandom?”

MM: I have followed Stephan on Twitter for a long time, but I think about 3 years ago I realized what a huge community of fans Third Eye Blind has on Facebook. I couldn’t believe so many people were as passionate about their music as I felt I have always been. Since then I have become very active on the Twitter and Facebook communities and I have met several really awesome people at shows who I stay in contact with. I am hoping to meet many more in the future!

BW: What was the best Third Eye Blind concert you’ve been to and why?

MM: Charleston, SC in October of 2015. The show was spectacular and I had a spot front row center. I went to the show all alone and I met some friends while I was there and went with them to meet the whole band after the show. We got autographs from the guys and I got a picture with Stephan. Meeting one of my biggest influences, who wrote some of the most amazing songs I have ever heard, was one of the best moments of my life. All of the guys in the band were so down to earth and friendly and willing to talk to us fans. It was very special and I will never forget that night. Since then, I was able meet with Stephan and Brad the day after my birthday this year, and they were once again very warm, friendly, and personable.

Courtesy of Meghan Moore

BW: If you were to get a Third Eye Blind tattoo, or another one, what would you get? 

MM: I do not have any plans for any other Third Eye Blind inspired tattoos at this point. After the Summer Gods Tour this summer, I got a pretty big tattoo on my left shoulder of a red sun with waves below it and lyrics from one of my favorite songs, “The Red Summer Sun” surround it. The lyrics are from the end of the song, “these days they’re not done, the red summer sun.” My tattoo to me represents my struggles with anxiety and panic disorder. As long as I can see my tattoo on my skin, I know that my days aren’t over yet and I am still here on earth, kicking ass. I also have a tribal tattoo of the sun on my foot. These are my only 2 tattoos at this point.

Courtesy of Meghan Moore

BW: What’s your favorite song? [And if you just can’t, list a top 5 or pick one from each album/EP.]

MM: I will gladly pick my top 5...

  1. The Background
  2. God of Wine
  3. The Red Summer Sun (the complete version)
  4. Wounded
  5. Farther

Blue is my number one favorite album.

Courtesy of Meghan Moore

BW: Congratulations, again, on your recent engagement!!! Are you planning to play any 3EB songs during your wedding or reception?

MM: I am definitely playing some 3eb at our wedding. My fiancé said to play whatever I want as long as he can throw in just a little bit of country and rap, (we have very different tastes in music), so I will definitely have to play some of the hits that most people know like Semi-Charmed and Never Let You Go, but I will also have to put quite a few of my non-radio hit favorites on the playlist. I will be playing all of my favorite rock music, because rock music is my life.

Courtesy of Meghan Moore

BW: Although Emma and I are huge fans, the rest of my family isn’t. Have you managed to convert your fiancé or kids to loving the music yet?

MM: My fiancé will normally go to shows with me, he went to 3 of the 4 shows I went to this year and he had a good time. He knows the music just because I play it all the time, but he isn’t a big fan and doesn’t normally choose to listen on his own, to my knowledge. My son and his son sing along a lot and it makes me happy. They are more into the music of today, but my son surely knows who Stephan Jenkins and Brad Hargreaves are!!! Thank you for this interview, I enjoyed doing this very much.