Interview: Ted Baker

One thing that sets the Third Eye Blind fan community apart is the incredible generosity of its fans. This week’s Expert is Ted Baker who shares his amazing videos of the band on his YouTube Channel. Grab a drink and enjoy losing a whole weekend watching them. 

BELLA WOLF: What inspired you to start the YouTube Channel?

TED BAKER: Well, I would search the internet looking for 3eb concerts and videos and I realized that I had a ton of material that wasn't available online at all. I wanted to share all these videos and moments that I had of the band from over the years. I still have so much stuff I haven't uploaded yet. I actually got an email from Gavin Michael Booth not too long ago praising my channel and I thought that was really cool. I just happy so many people seem to be enjoying the channel!

BW: Of all the videos you've posted, which is your favorite? What's the one video you'd most like people to see?

TB: I think my favorite video is the Chelsea Lately interview with Stephan. It’s just such a random interview. I love how Stephan makes Chelsea a drink during the interview. Judging by the amount of views the video has, I think everyone seems to like that video too!

SJ sitting down to make Chelsea a drink. Enjoy!

BW: Was there a special moment when you just knew you'd still be a fan 20 years down?

TB: The moment that I watched "Rockstar" just to see Stephan in the movie is when I kind of realized that I was hooked and would be hooked for years to come. My mom laughed so hard when I told her why I wanted to see the movie! I think she thought it was odd that a 19 year old guy (that’s me at the time) wanted to watch a movie just to see his favorite singer act.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images).

BW: What was your favorite song on the Self-Titled album? (Or the first song you heard, the song that made you a fan, etc.) What made it special? Now, fast forward 20 years, what does that song mean to you now? Has it changed?

TC: The first song I heard was SCL and I remember asking my mom what "doing crystal meth" meant and she got upset with me. At one time, every song on the Self-Titled album was my favorite. Over the years though, I Want You has become my all-time favorite song off that album. I just love the vibe of that song.

11) I Want You

BW: In the 20 years you've been going to shows, what was the best concert you went to and why?

TC: I saw the band several times but the one show that sticks out to me was the time I had driven to Rogers, Arkansas to see them play back in 2015! My brother and I were running late. We ended up getting amped on Red Bull on the way to the show. Once we made it, we hurried up to the rails before the show began! Dopamine hadn't come out yet, so we were treated to some "new songs" off the upcoming album! My brother Todd had a great time as well. He's been to every 3eb show with me! I wouldn't imagine it any other way.

Courtesy Ted Conley Baker

BW: In what must be a massive and awesome collection of 3eb merch, what's your very favorite item?

TC: This is kind of random, but I love the fact that I have the "Art Of Revenge" movie on DVD staring Stephan. I got so excited that day I was able to buy it. I still have the receipt from when I bought it!

[One of the songs Emma and I have always wanted to see live, but never have is “Non-Dairy Creamer. The first time we saw even a YouTube video of it being performed is on Ted’s Channel.

Thank you so much for all you do Ted.

3 Non Dairy Creamer