Interview: Ted Doering

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Lifestyle: Please tell us about yourself. Where do you live? What type of job do you do? What are your hobbies? What are your interests? Tell us about your family, children?:

Ted Doering: I live near Toronto, Canada. I work in market research. My hobbies are record buying, playing guitar and creative writing. I love music and have, ever since I heard “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen in Wayne’s World in 1992. I have been married to my wife Jen for 15 years and we have two children, Meghan and Liam.

Lifestyle: Stephan and the band love animals. Stephan recently rescued a gray Pit named Bruce. Please tell us about your fur babies.

TD: We have a mini golden doodle named Skittles.

Ted Doering

Ted Doering

Lifestyle: Third Eye Blind fans are all ages and some are brand new and some have been there since day one. How long have you been "in the blind?"

TD: I have been in the blind since the summer of 1997. My best friend Matt and I heard “Semi-Charmed Life” on the radio and that was it. He bought the CD and we listened to it repeatedly. Then I bought the CD. And I’ve been hooked ever since.

Lifestyle: Do you recall the very first 3EB song you have ever heard? If so what song was it? How did It make you feel?:

TD: It was “Semi-Charmed Life” and it made me feel happy and alive.

Lifestyle: What is it about Third Eye Blind that makes you such a fan?:

TD: The band is real to me. And they are loyal to the fans. They have developed a great relationship with the fans. I feel their fans, we are some of the most loyal in the game. Oh, plus the music. That is sort of awesome.

Lifestyle: What's your favorite Third Eye Blind album?

TD: Self-titled.

Ted Doering

Ted Doering

Lifestyle: Why?

TD: It might be the obvious answer, but it started my 3EB journey. I feel it is one of the best debut albums ever made. Every track is solid. The songs are catchy but when you get down to it, the lyrics still deliver. Still make you think. Still make you feel.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind song?

TD: This is a very tough question as I love the band and many of their songs resonate with me. But if I’m going to choose one it’s gotta be “Wounded”.

Lifestyle: Why?

The lyrics, the music, both are perfect. And it just slays live. Sometimes songs just make you feel and this is one of those songs. Honorable mention to “The Background”.

Lifestyle: What is your favorite Third Eye Blind lyric?

TD: “You come swimming into view” from “The Background”.

Lifestyle: Why?

TD: At first, I thought that song was about a broken relationship, like a breakup but as I started listening more I realized it was deeper. Actually losing someone close. And that lyric it’s very cinematic in that you can see someone disappearing but then coming back into focus when you think about them. Amazing lyric.

Ted Doering

Ted Doering

Lifestyle: A lot of Third Eye Blind fans love the music in large part because of Stephan’s lyrics. Why do you think that is? What special qualities are in Stephan’s lyrics that make them more like poetry than those of the average songwriter?

TD: I think that he just has a way of putting down words that resonate. And yes, they are different than any other songwriter out there, which makes it special. He ultimately speaks the truth and you feel that he has been there himself. There is nothing cookie cutter about any of his lyrics.


Lifestyle: What is the farthest you have traveled to see the band perform? Tell us about this experience.

TD: I went to Buffalo, New York to see them prior to Ursa Major coming out. I live near Toronto so this was about a 2-3 hour trip. My friend John, his girlfriend Jenn, and I all took a road trip on a Sunday night. It was my first time seeing them because I missed them in Toronto during Self-Titled and Blue, as I was away at school. I had such strong anticipation during the drive, waiting to see the band finally and they did not disappoint. They played “Palm Reader” off Out of the Vein which was unreal.


Lifestyle: Tell us about your first Third Eye Blind concert. Describe in detail what this concert experience was like for you.

TD: Building off my answer above, the band was playing a college campus, but they played the show like it was a huge stadium. Completely engaged with the crowd, full of enthusiasm. Things like this stick with me. This band to me has always felt like they were on the fans’ side. And all the fans were into it, singing all the words. That’s another thing I’ve noticed at 3EB shows, people aren’t just there for “Semi-Charmed Life”, they are there for all of it.

Lifestyle: How many concerts have you attended? Which concert was the most memorable for you and why?

TD: I have now been to three concerts. My most memorable was the last show I attended, where they played the "Self Titled album in its entirety, but also played other tunes from their catalog. It was memorable because the show was awesome but also because of the people who attended with me. My younger brother, John, Jenn, and some fellow vinyl enthusiasts from Instagram who also love Third Eye Blind. It’s definitely a community!


Lifestyle: If you got to have a sit down (non-date) meal and conversation with any member of the band, who would you choose?:

TD: I’m going to say Brad.

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Lifestyle: So many people have made true friendships through Third Eye Blind and their music. I know that includes you. Any new besties from this year?

TD: A few years ago I started my Instagram account, posting records. I didn’t expect to meet so many cool people. And when you post 3EB records, you tend to get a lot of comments! I went to see the band last time out with two friends I met on Instagram who also love Third Eye Blind.

Lifestyle: Many of us are now raising our kids as second generation Third Eye Blind fans. Is there a special moment that you had with your kids that came about because you’ve become a family of fans?

TD: They like “Semi-Charmed Life” for sure. I’m still working my way through the rest of the albums with them, but we are definitely a 3EB family!

Lifestyle: What’s your favorite line of the Mission Statement?

TD: "We believe in the gathering power of music".

Lifestyle: Why?

TD: To me this is what being a fan of this band is about. When I think about it, the fans and the band have always had each other’s backs. They played, even with no new album out, and people came. And loved it. And that is the gathering power of music.

Lifestyle: What does living a “3EB Lifestyle” mean to you?

TD: To me, it’s about being real, genuine, honest. Being an individual. Be yourself and hope that others join the ride with you.

Lifestyle: Have you created anything 3EB related?

TD:  I play guitar and write stories! And I devote some Instagram posts to 3EB.

Lifestyle: Have you written any of your own music?

TD: I just started playing guitar a couple of years ago so not quite yet!


Lifestyle: Do you or have you created any Third Eye Blind inspired art or writing?

TD: Just my Instagram posts of their albums!

Lifestyle: Do you have or plan to get any 3EB inspired ink? If you are planning on future ink, what are you going to get and why?

TD:  At this time, no tattoos in my future. Have to spend the money on records!

Lifestyle: What kind of merchandise do you wish they would sell that they don’t?

TD:  The only vinyl I need of their is the Music On Vinyl yellow pressing of self-titled, so that! Any Out Of The Vein era t-shirts would also be awesome.

Lifestyle: What other types of music do you listen to besides Third Eye Blind? What other bands or performers do you follow closely?

TD: I love Oasis, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher. Bon Jovi I’ve loved since I was 10. The National, The Clash, Springsteen, Radiohead, U2, these are a few of my faves.

Lifestyle: If you found a magic Third Eye Blind Lamp, and a semi-charmed genie popped out, and you could make three Third Eye Blind related wishes, what would they be?

  1. Please keep releasing new music.

  2. Please keep playing shows.

  3. Come to Canada more often!

Lifestyle: If you were asked to create a setlist for one of their concerts, what would you choose and why?

TD: I would want a mix of all the albums. I think all of the albums have great tunes. Maybe also some rarities. Things that people have chatted about in other forums but haven’t seen the light of day. That would probably blow a lot of people’s minds!