Interview: Theresa Hacker


This week’s Expert, Theresa Hacker, said that she’s “met so many great people who share a love of music and the music of this band.” And I think we can all agree with that. But can we all agree on a favorite 3eb Christmas song?

Bella Wolff: When did you become a fan and at what point did you realize you’d be a fan for years and years?

THERESA HACKER: I have loved the music from the ST release onward, but usually don't become a fan until after I hear more. When Blue was released and I knew I was going to be a fan from then on.

BW: What song were you most looking forward to hearing off the Self-Titled album on the Summer Gods Tour and why?

TH: I was most excited to hear "I Want You", mostly because I had never heard it live and it is my favorite song from the ST album. But I was happy to hear MDB and God of Wine. I got pretty emotional at the Charlotte show, the first of my Summer Gods shows.

Courtesy: Theresa Hacker

Courtesy: Theresa Hacker

BW: My friend, Lizette, met you at the Charlotte show this year. So I know that you travel for shows. What was the best road trip you’ve taken to a concert? Why?

TH: My best concert road trip was actually 2 shows within a couple days. Last December I went to Nashville with my best friend. We have been friends since first grade and a singer/songwriver named Charlie Mars was playing at The Bluebird Cafe on my birthday. It was a fabulous trip! Got home from that and drove to Charlotte for 3EB show at The Fillmore on a solo trip. Met so many fellow Misfits at that show.

BW: You love going to concerts. What band do you think would be perfect to open for Third Eye Blind?

TH: SSPU and OPS was a perfect fit this summer! I go and see a lot of local music so I would say Ona from Huntington, WV or Mother folk from Cincinnati. As far as a nationally known act, maybe Best Coast or Wolf Alice.

Courtesy: Theresa Hacker

Courtesy: Theresa Hacker

Courtesy: Theresa Hacker

Courtesy: Theresa Hacker

BW: I notice that you take photographs. If you’ve gone to San Francisco, what’s your favorite picture? [If you haven’t, is there anything you’d really like to photograph?]

TH: I have never been to San Francisco, but would love to go, someday. I take a lot of nature pictures, sunsets and butterflies are my thing, but I would think everyone would want to take the perfect picture of the Golden Gate Bridge.

BW: I actually don’t have any skill in taking photos…most of mine end up off center or blurry. But as someone who creates visual art, what 3eb album cover is your favorite and why?

TH: Ursa Major is my favorite cover, the detaisame in the drawing of the bear conveys a lot of emotion. I especially love my vinyl copy, the colored vinyl is pretty sweet too, very nice color scheme.

BW: Over the years the band has released a few Christmas songs, do you have a favorite?

TH: One of Those Christmas Days is my Christmas song pick, just because I love a naughty Christmas song.😂

Thanks for the interview, have met so many great people who share a love of music and the music of this band.❤🎶