Isn't It Pretty


*I noticed that “Isn’t It Pretty” sounded very different. It’s cool to hear you guys trying some new stuff.*

Stephan Jenkins: Yeah, that song was so much fun to record. In the process of making that track, I said to everyone, “Don’t think that you have to wear some particular hat. Just be musical and start with anything from any direction that you like, and then move forward from there.” I think it started with just the beat. I had pages of lyrics and I said, “You know, this feels like ’70s, late summer sun, smoggy, heading towards twilight, urban, walking up the street…” and people were nodding their heads. And then I was like, you know, I really want to get away from the two and four backbeat. I wanted to make more room in the track. We were listening to all kinds of music, and I think you can hear Drake in there. And then I took those lyrics and I just started talking, and talking turned to song. And so it all just happened organically in a day. I really enjoyed that process. I think that I’m just trying to keep more of a focus on joy, or the happiness quotient, in making music. That’s why We Are Drugs is my favorite.

Cassie S.

Cassie S.

Medium Used - Acrylic paint on canvas

Length of time it took - About 2 1/2 hours

What inspired you to do this?

I went with a friend to one of these BYOB painting classes that walk you through the steps and you get to drink at the same time haha. I finished the painting before others were done. I thought it looked like something was missing so I decided to add the lyric since I had time.

Tell us what we see in this art work?

I thought "Isn't it pretty" would be a perfect short and simple lyric to add to a painting with flowers! I still haven't decided where to hang it up in my house though.