Kopp Vs. Monday Blues: Amanda's story

Monday, already!

I don’t know about you but I’m not quite ready.

Time for Kopp to beat those Monday Blues for us. As super fans and experts, we all are capable of losing our minds, just a little bit, when it comes to the band. Expert Amanda “Mandie” Birlew shares her story of one of those moments; if darting into traffic qualifies. - Diana Knight Impeartice

What was supposed to be the final show of the Dopamine tour was planned to be nothing short of an epic day (Irvine ended up getting the final show bragging right as the venue flooded and an earlier show had to be rescheduled). It was not only the eve of my 33rd birthday, but my friends from across the country were descending upon San Francisco in anticipation of the last of two shows our favorite band, Third Eye Blind, was playing at home in SF at the Masonic.

My friends and I, all die hard Third Eye Blind fans (experts) met up at a bar a few blocks from the Masonic, The Wreck Room, to pregame with drinks and get to know one another; as most of us would be meeting in person for the first time that day. It was immediately a reunion of old friends. I had also brought one of my dearest friends, Nikkole, along to get to experience my favorite band live. The bartender was awesome and was blown away that we all were such huge fans, some people flying 3,000 miles to be here for this show, he let us take over the bar’s music – playing all 3eb from my friend Josh’s playlist.

Courtesy: Amanda Olson Birlew

At some point, Sabrina (one of the experts), decided to step outside to smoke and my friend Nikkole accompanied her. Within minutes of them going outside, Nikkole came running back in yelling to me, “Mandie, Sabrina is freaking out – she says there’s a Cop across the street and you have to come now.” I didn’t even grab my purse, or consider Jacki was in the bathroom, I just ran outside, sure enough there was the Kopp himself, guitar strapped to his back, pushing his bike up the murderous hill that led to the Masonic. I looked at Sabrina, who squealed in delight, smiled as I grabbed her hand and darted into traffic to get across the street to him, never mind that there was a cross walk 50 feet away, I mean - what is logic in that moment? We made it across the street, Nikkole chasing after us because more than anything she was amused to see me behave like that.

Breathless, I called out “Hey Alex!” and he turned around, a slightly confused look as to who we were. We asked if he was heading to sound check and he smiled and nodded, saying the combination of the hill, his load, and suffering from a slight hangover made getting up the hill more tiresome than he had anticipated. We asked if it would be too much trouble for a few photos, he was completely sweet and said it would actually allow him to catch his breath.

We all snapped photos with him, and chatted about the show, and the band, telling him how much we loved him before watching him disappear up the street.