let me be gracious

Editorial: A few years ago a fellow Misfit, shared with me a priceless portal that I somehow missed out on, called The Assembly.

This place gave so many fans a chance to be connected with the band by blogging in cyberspace.

A brilliant concept, that ended too soon, due to some drama. Without getting into details, as to focus on the past in a negative light, does nothing for mankind, I have been able to preserve some of the most incredible entries for our readers. Stephan Jenkins, has an incredible ability to tap into a certain vibration, of course we all know this, with his music and the delivery of those lyrics.

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As I prepare to get into a space to birth the characters to “The Soundtrack to Our Life” — a series I have been developing for quite sometime, based on my true life events and the music of Third Eye Blind, I have decided to revisit these diamond entries that Stephan once shared with everyone. As much as I hope and pray that Stephan one day soon, will find time to write a book or want to collaborate with us here at Lifestyle, as a writer, I began to apply visuals to his words. Encouraged. Motivated. Inspired bringing these to life and understanding the heart of this musician. (Action)

Happy Monday -

xo Liseli Thiele

last night in va was so lovely. thank you everyone who brought so much energy and joy to the first night under the planetarium.  

tonight i'm resting in my hotel room after a delicious dinner with my dearly departed bass player leo in my extra ballistic nyc. tomorrow we roll out to hamdon ct.

Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind

i am thankful that every time i play, it's a chance to be deeper. let it be.

- more open,

We Are Open

- fearless

- sober


- present

- loose

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- free

- let me listen

-let time lose boundary

-let me be gracious.