Lyrics to "Motorcycle Drive By".

©Megan Bayra

©Megan Bayra

I have been a serious fan for 20 years now!

I first fell in love with Third Eye Blind when I was nearly nine years old.

The first song I ever heard was "Jumper."  I used to have a small purple stereo that was my prize possession.

I would blast the radio in my room and hide away from the world. At that time I was just trying to survive my childhood.  The abuse was so torturous at home that I remember wanting to die every day. I felt entirely alone, because I was alone.

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When I heard Stephan's lyrics for the first time, a light came on inside of me.  I remember thinking that if I could just hold on maybe I could grow up to be something bigger than my pain. It was one of the few times in my short life that I didn't feel like I was the only person going through these feelings.  It made me feel understood, which is something I had never been. It also gave me a power to connect to, to hold onto. Music was the thing that saved my life. I started writing in 1997, which was my saving grace.

Till this day, Stephan Jenkins is still my favorite lyricist of all time.

I am a poet, a singer and a performer.

I have always loved self-expression and being free, so it's no surprise that I have a lot of tattoos. I have several Third Eye Blind tattoos. Behind these tattoo are  precious or painful stories. They all hold precious and also the painful stories behind them. My largest tattoo by far are Stephan's lyrics that wrap all the way around my body. From my left shoulder all the way down around my right hip. Most of my body is comprised of the lyrics to "Motorcycle Drive By".

©Megan Bayra

©Megan Bayra

I wanted not a single word to be left out. It is really a representation of what my soul would look like if I turned it inside out.

I remember hearing it for the first time and immediately hitting repeat. It was so profound to me. I thought, "how does someone who's never even seen my soul know what it looks like??  This has never even met me!!

Maybe while I was sleeping my subconscious soul drifted into his memory and I never even knew it..."  The entire album is magic.

Each and every album is a jewel that I cherish from different times of my life. Ursa Major was like a drug I did over and over again on repeat. Self-Titled expressed the rawest form of heartbreak. The same kind of gut wrenching, haunted aching that Joplin once demonstrated.

Megan Bayra

Love was definitely the hardest drug I ever did.

Therefore, singing the blues make me happy.

I’ve done my own versions of several Third Eye Blind songs.

I've attached some clips of my recordings !

I don't believe anyone from the band has seen my tattoos or heard my covers but that would be fucking incredible! I of course plan to get more ink in the near future, but i'm running out of room!!!

Again, thank you so much.

It holds so much meaning for me.

-Megan Bayra

©Megan Bayra

©Megan Bayra