Open Your Eyes


Took a moment to be convinced to start investing my time to Lifestyle, but giving it much thought, and a big push, I found MYSELF configuring the walls of this cyberspace kingdom once again.

With over 36000 files of “Third Eye Blind” on my computer, I was a bit overwhelm and my vision started getting distorted.

The chaos within these files, and the nostalgia of the pain I went through this year due to opening my heart to the world wide web, led me to good ole SoundCloud.

Typing the words, Third Eye Blind, expecting to only have results from my favorite band led by frontman, Stephan Jenkins, songs which I know by heart, came back with results of many artists. Third Eye Blind music has always been a way to fill a void from the pain I went through in witnessing Chris’s jump from our apartment rooftop. So relying on this band to put out more music is not just a case of fandom, but an actual therapy for my heart.

“Open Your Eyes” the words this artist keeps repeating in this song, and the cynical chorus “If You Are Third Eye Blind” just had me really thinking outside the whole spectrum of this “lifestyle” project. I had been wanting to quit and give up on my dream, feeling very isolated and hated, and unwanted. This song spoke to my heart. Suddenly those 36000 odd files became diamonds on my computer. Also realizing that life is precious and so is .. embracing the unknown, embracing fear and understanding that its important to “Protect Your Heart” (Thanks UNCUTT)

The message though is simple, this song is spot on. “You will be losing every moment without your presence and your OPEN EYE.”