Song of the Siren

“I enjoy telling stories through music using videos and images. All videos are my own interpretation and in some cases, near and dear to my heart.” - Stephen Coia

With the sweet slow stringing of his guitar, Jenkins brings it again throwing you into a mesmerizing state of mind that many of us have allowed ourselves to surrender and be transported into Jenkins’ world by his voice.

His tribute to Tim Buckley, a jazz/blues-rock American singer -songwriter and guitarist, is almost a testimonial of a spiritual kindred brotherly love of music.

Stephen Coia’s remarks what he did for Tim Buckley's "Song of the Siren" as covered by Third Eye Blind off their 2018 covers album, "Thanks For Everything".

"I suppose ''Song of the Siren'' is an appropriate follow-up to the “Queen of Daydreams” video I did in 2017. My vision for the video was based on my own life experiences throughout the course of 2018. For me, the song conveys the idea of being pulled ashore after drifting lost at sea for what feels like a lifetime, but then unexpectedly being carried back out by the waves. You will be rescued again at another time, but until then you re-live the times you had while on land. That's life, I guess.

It took me five days to put everything together. I use royalty free found footage to try and tell stories, mostly of how I feel at the time. View count and the approval of others has never meant much to me - if the visuals and interpretations I have can help others relate to feelings and events in their own life, then that's just about good enough for me.

We can all rely on Third Eye Blind to pull us ashore when we feel lost at sea - and that's exactly what SJ does with his cover of “Song of the Siren.”

Thanks, Jenkins.”