Stop Sucking: The Straw Ban

Stephan Jenkins helped me realize that I suck and that everyone around me sucks way too much, and you probably suck, too.

On straws, that is, everyday 500,000,000 straws are used and discarded in the US. Why is this bad? These straws not only suck while they are being made, they also suck because they end up in the ocean, polluting, injuring and even killing marine life.

Approximately 80-90% of of Marine Debris is made of plastic. Plastic is not biodegradable, so that means when it ends up in the ocean, it doesn’t just disappear. It breaks into smaller pieces, then marine life end up ingesting it and it ends up in our food chain as well. When drinking outside, all it takes is the slightest wind, and the straw goes flying into the environment. Beach clean up volunteers, say that they collect hundreds of random straws off the beach a week, and that’s not even beginning to include the straws that end up in the ocean.

For some odd reason, single use straws, and other small plastics are the least likely to be recycled, even though they are the most commonly used, making straws a worthy target to eliminate and have a big impact.

The world is 71% water…let’s not mess it up, okay? I know the country right now has a problem understanding what the “majority” is, but 71% is the majority of the EARTH, you know, that thing we all live on. We need to start protecting it like its the only one we have! With a problem so massive, even a minor effort like not ordering a straw in your drink is going to have an impact.

Okay, so we know now that plastic straws are bad, because they hurt the environment. Now that you know, what can you do?

1- Ask for your drinks without straws.

2- Ask for restaurants that you frequent to stop serving straws.

3- Share this article, and ones like it on your Facebook.

4- Hashtag all those awesome #foodporn shots with #skipthestraw #StopSucking #thelaststraw on your social media

5- You want to go superstar crazy? Write to all the local restaurants, on paper, send emails and tweet at them to stop using straws.. including the pictures of the sea turtle is pretty effective, because hey, who doesn't love a sea turtle?

6- You can help or donate to the Plastic Pollution Coalition by clicking here

You can make a difference. You can stop sucking. Stephan thinks you can do it, too.

I know, I know… If you’ve gotten this far you might be thinking to yourself… Well, I don't think I use straws that often? That’s what I thought, too… I *exclusively* drink out of around 30 reusable water bottles I tote around with me everyday… But guess what? When I cleaned my car out, I found 4 straws under the seats, where did they materialize from? Well, probably from my two kids, who order water cups (because juice makes them fucking crazy) most places we go. But that was my personal last straw. I’ll be ordering no straws from here on out, and probably toting around two extra water bottles a day for the small messy creatures that cohabitate with me, because it’s never too early to start doing your part. If I can commit to this, you can, too.

If you just can’t see yourself not drinking with straws there are alternatives. There are paper straws and Starbucks sells reusable straws (INSERT PICTURE OF REUSABLE STRAWS HERE)