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Lyrics to "Motorcycle Drive By".

The Mark of the Mighty: 3EB INK Till this day, Stephan is still my favorite lyricist of all time. I am a poet, a singer and a performer. I have always loved self-expression and being free, so it's no surprise that I have a lot of tattoos. I have several Third Eye Blind tattoos. Behind these tattoo are  precious or painful stories.

Editorial: Alison Kery- Hanewicz/Lisa Murphy & Megan Bayra

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Can She Graduate? Just Lay Back.

I knew I wanted a lyric in Stephan’s handwriting, with his signature – but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. It was between the “Lay Back” quote and “Send Me All Your Vampires” from “I Want You” - but I wanted him to pick. At the meet and greet he said since it was going on my body I should really pick, but I felt like he was more into “Lay Back,” I think because it’s a demo and by asking him for that maybe he knew I was a true fan.

Editorial: Amanda Olson Birlew & Alexis Michelle Rollins

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