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Mark of the Mighty: Taylor’s "Dopamine" Ink with a Lesson in "Not Giving In"

Third Eye Blind tattoos shed light on a fan’s favorite era of the band, their favorite album, and - most importantly - the songs that speak to them the most. In this interview, Taylor Labrador gives us the details of her Dopamine tattoo and “Don’t Give In” ink.

Editorial: Brittney Chamberlain & Taylor Labrador

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Suh Dude, You Were Screaming. Second Show. Boston.

That moment was all Summer Gods for me.  It was a voice - I could hear it screaming from within.  It was the voice of 18 years of captivity within myself, of wanting that light to shine perfectly upon me. It was a light to break through this blind journey that had been mine. Editorial: Lizette McMillen

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Summer, Your Ripped Jeans Are Torn.

Back in December, I was encouraged to start a project group on Facebook but I had no idea where it would lead me. And I had no idea that I would be spending most of my days in front of my MacBook, getting to know some of the most amazing people, who truly live a life built on the foundation of Third Eye Blind's music.  I had no idea that I would ever be sharing a summer traveling with those same people celebrating twenty years in the blind, on the Summer Gods Tour.   This would be the beginning of a journey of discovering what the true meaning of being “Weightless” really was.

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