Together, We Are Human.


And All The Time Moves On and On

I often seek new ways to get inspiration, and to keep moving forward as a writer.

I came across Chris Reme via Twitter and his love for Third Eye Blind is clearly defined in his twitter posts.

He recently has joined the team of experts, who are dedicated to breathing life to the site. 

Each expert has been assigned lyrics for #fallofthesummergods which they will then turn into a creative piece of their choice.  Chris submitted this drawing and it caught my attention. The beauty of his expression and taking a break from his day to add a little color to the walls of the world wide web has inspired me.  We welcome you Chris. - Editor's Note

LT: Can you share a little about this drawing. Who did it? what does it mean to you?

CR: The drawing means a time when I was in a serious relationship and we broke up and we stayed close friends. That's why these lyrics means something to me.

LT: How did it make you feel to take a break and create this? You have Inspired me to start drawing.

CR: It felt really good to take a break from work and express myself in a drawing and to show everyone how I feel.  It's cool that I inspired you to start drawing. It's not even a good picture I think my 3 year old nephew can draw better. I was just thinking what I could do with the assignment and I did this picture to show what the lyrics mean to me.

Art By Christopher Reme