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My Fingers Catch The Sparks At The Thought Of Touching You

Whether it’s physically or mentally, we have ostensibly been wounded in our lives at some point. Maybe it was a friend, relative or co-worker. Whatever the case may be, we’ve “walked with the wounded” or been the wounded as the result of riding the rollercoaster of life here on earth. Editorial: Lizette McMillen

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Soundtrack to Our Life: Wounded

Below are the lyrics I was given as an assignment to express myself and my feelings:   “And you used to speak so easy, now you’re afraid to talk to me; it’s like walking with the wounded. Carrying that weight way too far, the concrete pulled you down so hard, out there with the wounded. We’re missing you.”

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We’ve Found Our People: For The Love Of Our Little Tribe

Thank you to Third Eye Blind for sharing your talents with us and helping stories like this take place for so many of us. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and interacted with us at Lifestyle so we can make this all happen and build up this community. It’s a real privilege to be part of this Mad. Blind. Love. Editorial: Lizette McMillen

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