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Third Eye Blind songs that you have lived through, and/or can relate to as the Soundtrack to Your Life: 

Company of Strangers, 
Queen of Daydreams,  Don't Give In, Shipboard Cook, Dopamine, Bonfire, Sharp Knife, Misfits, Good Man, Wounded, Never Let You Go, Deep Inside of You, Farther, How's It Going To Be, I Want You, The Background, MDR, God of Wine

I love Third Eye Blind because:

If I was ever asked to only support one band or artist for the rest of my life, there would be no other choice but Third Eye Blind. They have been part of my life for exactly half of it! That is literally the longest commitment I’ve ever had 😊 I turned 40 this year and, like most, I fell for the catchy riffs of Semi-Charmed Life 20 years ago. But it was the heart, soul and pure poetry of the other songs from Self-Titled that I knew I was experiencing something very very special, and continue to with every new release. 3EB is a part of me, I’d be lost without them honestly. Music is life and strengthens my soul immeasurably.

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G’DAY!  Fiercely repping all things Third Eye Blind from Down Under!

I have had a love of pop / rock music since a kid.  My family, especially my mum and dear late nana, would always have the radio on or be spinning some old crackly vinyl like Elvis, Creedence, Boney M, Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix to name but a few. I went to my first ever live gig when I was about 15 years old.  It was BritPop band East 17 and Aussie artist Peter Andre, who I thought was THE most gorgeous thing on Earth at the time :) I had never experienced anything like a ‘moshpit’ before but I knew that night that I was home; a pivotal, important, and yes a bit daggy moment and event in my life. I have been to countless live gigs ever since. I am now 40 years young and seeing a live band is truly the only time and place that I feel ‘’so alive’’ and completely myself, so I guess it’s a healthy but contradictory addiction for a socially awkward introvert to have :)

Like many of us, I fell for the catchy riffs of ‘Semi-Charmed Life’. So much so that I needed to see this hot new band up close and personal. So it was, as a 19 year old attending the dingy Roxy Arena, Brisbane, Australian 3EB promo tour in 1997, that our journey begins.  With my uni mates and, as always, my little sister by my side, we could not believe that standing right in front us watching the support band (the now defunct Aussie band, Pretty Violet Stain) was two very tall, handsome older dudes... Yep, seriously! It was Stephan and Kevin!  We were all completely fangirling but were so so shy (back then :)) that we did not have the guts to say anything or go up to them at all, content to just hang out ‘in the background’ (haha!) with the new all American band who just happened to have the most popular tune on the planet! Sis even managed to grab a guitar pick from the night, treasured souvenirs, treasured memories. Such a thrill for a bunch of innocent teens from the ‘burbs of Brisbane.

Australia or my uni mates, unfortunately and ridiculously, never did follow through with the devotion that my sis and I have to this day.  But SCL is still on regular rotation here at pubs, on radio stations and ‘’greatest rock hits of the 90s’’ albums. I actually get a bit annoyed when people say the dreaded one hit wonder’ line.  They just don’t understand the 3EB lifestyle and importance of the lyrics that guide our lives and that suits me just fine.

In a similar vein that their songs have been there for us, me and sis have followed 3EBs up and downs, ins and outs since the very beginning, even traveling halfway around the world just to see them again during their SummerGods tour.  Are we mad? Yep, we proudly embrace MAD.BLIND.LOVE!

As most of you know, I am permanently inked with the lyrics that have resonated the most for me over past 20 years, ‘Careening Through the Universe’ and is perfectly accompanied by SJ’s and Brad’s autograph’s, immortalised at the Summer Gods tour in Las Vegas, 2017.

Music and 3EB has always been and will always be ‘deeper than bones’ for me. This is not a just a band, they have been company, therapy and solace throughout life's good and bad times and everything in between.  They’re truly a lifestyle and I wouldn't be me without them!