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Lauren Perry’s A Circus Girl in a Shower of Oranges

Lauren Perry is one of those women who you instantly just want to be best friends with.

She puts off the ‘cool girl’ vibe without any effort and fearlessly wears her heart on her sleeve.

As summer starts to fade, her story of what inspired her 3EB tattoos remind us that nothing is fading away...

Courtesy: Lauren Perry

Written By Lauren Perry.

As an English PhD student, I should be able to explain my “Something in You” tattoo better than I ever manage to. It’s a large orange on my left arm/bicep with the words, “She’s a circus girl in a shower of oranges” encircling it.

At the end of every semester of my PhD, I get a new tattoo and the orange was the first marker of that time. People comment on how beautiful the orange is and ask me what it says. It has a blossom at the top and the font is light cursive. When asked as to their meaning, I can only muster, “They’re lyrics from a Third Eye Blind song.” Most people I meet are not Third Eye Blind fans. Explaining the song is too hard and probably impossible. The lyrics and their meaning aren’t even what is important to me about the tattoo. The magic is in the music. The glitter is in the elation I felt listening to Dopamine’s tracks on repeat when the new record came out. Hearing Stephan talk about this circus girl with such awe, such anticipation… that girl is me. I am a fabulous mess. I never leave San Francisco in that Third Eye Blind is playing in the back of my life and has been since I was in 6th grade. His voice and his inexplicable, vignette lyrics are inscribed on my soul, not just my arms. To most, it’s a beautiful orange. To me, it is a musical crescendo and a reprise of what I feel in my mortal depths; Something in you, I believe in. Only the misfits recognize the harkening back to the beginning, to Self-Titled and “Thanks A lot.” “Something in You” is my triumph song. I have crawled out of the screaming darkness of earlier days, just like the band. I am that circus girl every day, sparkly and new in a shower of oranges.

Courtesy: Lauren Perry

My entire inner right forearm is an arrow with the lyrics “Deeper than Bones” as the center and tail. “I Want You” is my favorite Third Eye Blind song. My sister and I both got these lyrics tattooed together. She is my best friend, my soul mate, my twin. We decided spur-of-the-moment to get our favorite line tattooed and ended up in Laurel, Montana getting inked by some crazy men. It was perfect. Our bond is forever. Our souls are not tied to these fragile, mortal shells. To quote “Burning Man,” “Life is not to fear, life is to enjoy.” My sister and I live that way every day of our lives. The lyrics are in my plain sight every day and they remind me to act while I can. Life is fleeting and I shouldn’t fear death. I know Stephan doesn’t. He is the Bard, the poet, the man. His lyrics are all special to me, but Deeper than Bones is my personal philosophy. It isn’t tied to any phony religion or gods. It is within me and it is certain. My soul is not tied to earthly inevitabilities.

I especially love that I have a classic lyric and a new, vibrantly colored lyric. No one else need understand them but me. They are the two ends of the spectrum of new life and facing mortality that Third Eye Blind narrates. If someone reads them and knows, it is an instant connection. More often, they are reminders meant only for me. Third Eye Blind is my soul music and the tattoos created themselves. It seems only natural to inscribe on myself what I believe and feel. Thank you, Third Eye Blind, for writing soul poetry and music to accompany the insane pain and beauty of life.

Courtesy Lauren Perry

3EB INKSomething In You