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Kopp VS. Monday Blues: A man of many talents

Time to beat those Monday blues. 3EB fan, Donna Smits, shares her story about meeting the most recent member Alex Kopp. - Diana Knight Impeartrice

Alex was the last member of the current line up of 3eb that I met. Prior to meeting him though, I had followed Alex on Twitter and had come to realize playing keyboards was not his only talent.

I had learned that among other things that he loved snowboarding and would probably have been some kind of Extreme sport biker had music not been his passion.

If you want to hear some good music mixes go check him out on SoundCloud (have a 5 hour layover in an Airport and you can discover a lot!). He also is apparently not a big fan of regular All American sports like football and such which he fondly calls Sportball! We also found out this tour that he can play multi instruments when he picked up the guitar and played it more frequently than past tours.

I came to stumble upon one of his other talents scrolling on my twitter feed one day. I noticed that Alex had a painting for sale on Etsy. I went to check it out and really liked it. He had painted a Lion's face. Two things immediately came to mind, the first being, Made of Lions and Brad and the second is my dream adventure to South Africa that keeps alluding me. I decided I had to have this painting for inspiration to remind me to keep striving to make that dream happen and I just really loved it. So there you have it, I am the proud owner of a Kopp Original!

Courtesy Donna Smits

I got the chance to thank Alex in person at Jones Beach during the Dopamine Tour. We had just finished soundcheck and Stephan was in a playful mood that day. There was only five of us at soundcheck and the other three had gotten pics and left. Stephan was photobombing Ashley and Brad's pic and playing on his bike. We asked him to get Kopp and bring presents (we needed his guitar pics!).

Alex came out and brought us a handful of pics, (which we shared with other Misfits waiting in line!). We met officially, took our first pic and I got to thank him and tell him how much I loved the painting.

Courtesy; Donna Smits

The boys played a fabulous show that night and I had a new found respect for the "baby" of the group. Alex Kopp, a man of many talents! Can't wait to see what the future brings for this shining star!!!