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Mark of The Mighty: “Never Been So Alive” Ink


I’ve been following Third Eye Blind since the beginning.

The first time I saw them was at the Shoreline Amphitheater in 1997. I just fell in love with the music, lyrics, and Stephan! I became a fan and have been seeing them ever since.

Stephan is a genius with his lyrics. I love seeing him perform live. When he sings I get emotional and teary eyed. He just has a way with the mic. I enjoy listening to all of the albums, with Dopamine being one of my favorites.

I recently got my tattoo, which Stephan wrote, and signed, because “Motorcycle Drive By” has always been my favorite.

I wanted to get the lyric “Never Been So Alive” because I went through a lot in the last few years. I lost my mom to breast cancer, lost my dad to stomach cancer, lost my grandparents, lost my house, and my dog all within the last 6 years. I’m finally at a place where I feel at ease.  

Last year I decided if I ever met Stephan I would ask him for this favor. I could have gotten the lyric tattooed a long time ago, but I found it would be more meaningful to me if I had him write it. Luckily I finally got it! I had it done by Big Fred in Ontario, California.