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Not A DJ Band: 100 House

A couple of months ago, I was at a pop-up concert and I was so excited to see one of the bands in particular, 100 House.

I was helping them set up their gear, and I was wearing my Dopamine hoodie when the guitarist asked me "is that a Third Eye Blind sweatshirt?"

I said "fuck yeah it is."

He then proclaimed his love for the band, and how his favorite album is OOTV, and favorite song is Can't Get Away.

The next time I saw them I was at another popup show they were playing, and I was again wearing a 3EB hoodie, but this time one with the Falling man on it. He couldn't get over how much of a hardcore fan I was and loved it! 3EB has been a huge influence on this band, and they are one of the best Indie's in the Bay Area scene right now!