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The Third Eye Blind Experience May Just Be Getting Started

I had a chance to talk to Stephan Jenkins after the Fillmore show in Silver Spring, Maryland. I asked him his thoughts about the new music scene with EDM. He sung a few verses of Daft Punk's song during the show, so I anticipated his interest.

Stephan recollected help he gave to the second Burning Man festival in Nevada years ago. He related that he grew up in that scene. I shared my experience with a recent visit to an Axwell show at DC's Echostage. I was astonished to see the DJ (and crowd) escalate the adrenaline at 1:30 am in the morning.

Stephan shared that he felt the shortfall with EDM music is that no matter what energy the crowd puts into the music, you will never get "push back" from the music as you would with a live show. That's brilliant commentary.

I mentioned that he seemed to be incorporating the electronic dance vibe in the song Rites of Passage, from Dopamine (the song they opened with in Silver Spring). Stephan acknowledged the influence.

Third Eye Blind has taken new directions musically on their last two albums. Songs like Queen of Daydreams and Rites of Passage offer focused messaging with strong beats that lend themselves to the EDM experience. Simplistic messaging and strong rhythms are characteristic of EDM music. With less to think about, the listener gets directed to the beat.

As a fan, I hope DJs in the EDM community pick up on the rhythms and messaging of Third Eye Blind. Most every EDM DJ has a remix of a pop song in their arsenal. So I'll be watching for the first big 3EB EDM remix. The Third Eye Blind experience may just be getting started