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We Are Drugs

Look What Love Has Done To Me

Company of Strangers, in Stephan's words, "this song is about shagging models" πŸ˜†

What lyric resonates the most with you?

3EB Expert: Amanda Lasley Fry "Your face had been crying, you were ravaged by jealousy, you said look what love has done to me. ". This makes me think of the crazy, obsessive, all encompassing "love" that will make you feel like you're losing your mind. The more you try to hold on to the person the more you lose your own sanity πŸ˜•.

3EB Expert: Ericca Smith: When I heard "ravaged by jealousy" it literally took me back to a moment of my life where I've experienced that. All encompassing love is a perfect way to describe what entices that feeling.