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10,000 Hours: Brad Talks about Mastering

Just Brads IG Credit: Joseph Pepper

I found this gem of an interview on Modern Drummer from a few years ago. Brad talked about a few projects he was working on in his free time, and he also shared that he was reading the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

Outliers is an amazing nonfiction book (not to be confuse with Outsiders, The Outsiders or Outlander) that explores new ways to think about success. A theme in Outliers is that someone must spend 10,000 hours to become a “master” in their field.

Brad says, “Interestingly, talent was in no case a shortcut to becoming a master. Not everybody can or cares to be a master musician. But if you do, apparently you have to put the time in. I guarantee that the Thomas Pridgens and Tony Roysters of the world have logged their 10,000 hours.

Finally, as a pretty big hoops fan, the evolution of players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant over the course of their careers is of interest to me. They never stopped adding to, tweaking, and refining their game during the off-season. And how many times has Tiger Woods revamped his golf swing? The common denominator among them is they keep working at their craft. I have certainly taken inspiration from them to expand and add to my playing when I have downtime.”

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Clearly, Brad and the rest of the guys at 3EB are masters in their craft, and if you’ve found your way to this little nugget of 3EB lore on the internet, I'm guessing you’re a big fan, too. If you have listened to the entire discography around 35 times (Self-Titled, Out of the Vein, Blue, Ursa Major, Red Star, Dopamine, We are Drugs), then you’ve clocked your 10,000 hours of being a Third Eye Blind music listening master. Or if you’ve listened to any one song (averaging 4 minutes) then that would be 2,500 times. For me, I think just MDB and Mine have racked up that number combined.

Just Brad IG Photo Credit Daniel A. Nolan

Gladwell writes a few other interesting non-fiction books that are all a great read:

The Tipping Point: Changes the way you view the world

Blink: Changes the way you think

Outliers: Changes the way you think about success.

In addition to being a Third Eye Blind master fan…. what else are you spending 10,000 hours on? I definitely do not want to be a Facebook Procrastinator Master, but I think that’s the way most of the people spend their free time these days. Remember, if someone as bad ass as Brad Hargreaves is continuing his craft, we can all step it up, too.