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Cop vs Brittney: The New Phone Girl

In 2017, finding a person without a phone attached to their person is unlikely.

Even my dad, who still uses a flip phone, carries it with him 24/7. My phone keeps me connected to friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, YouTube and memes.

I take somewhere between 1 and 367 pictures a day, of my kids, my coffee, my lunch, etc. So, it’s only natural to be on my phone at a rock show, right?

Brittney showed up to a 3EB Show, She pulled out her mobile phone, It's the one thing that she owns

Before I unleash fury on myself for the most mortifying 3eb moment of my life, I will spend a little bit of time covering the positive side to being the newly nicknamed Phone Girl of 3ebLifestyle.

I was able to share video and stills with my friends that were not in attendance. I got an awesome video of the impromptu performance of Deep Inside of You.

I have some badass pictures of the guys. I love the pictures I took from the rails in Saint Louis back in July. When combing through tour photos, I realized that I had opposite perspective photographs of the band from exact moments that he captured.

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Mike Wilson Photography

Courtesy of Brittney Chamberlain

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Mike Wilson Photography

Courtesy of Brittney Chamberlain

Pretty rad, aren’t they?

Look closer beyond the band in these photos. Look at the crowd. Look at how many fucking phones are out. LOOK AT ME, the blonde in the very front, GLUED TO MY FUCKING PHONE.

Outed by Mike Wilson.

Horrified. Embarrassed. And ashamed.

That phone keeps her connected She's gonna keep that shit protected

Now, I wasn’t on my phone the whole time. Thankfully, Mike also captured a really phenomenal moment I was in, no doubt during Motorcycle Drive By. I know I spent MOST of the show with my phone in my pocket. But, the evidence of the time I spent on my phone will haunt me for-fucking-ever.

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Mike Wilson Photography

My friend, Dustin French, recently wrote an article for a metal blog, The Toilet Ov Hell. A line from said article resonates on a very, very personal level for me.

“Now I know how it feels to have other people view photographs of things that I have experienced in real life, on different social media platforms, and rake in them coveted “like” symbols. It feels good. But do you know what feels better? Experiencing things in real life.” (French, Dustin. “Put Your Phone Away At Shows.) http://www.toiletovhell.com/put-your-phone-away-at-shows

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Mike Wilson Photography

I am guilty of being “thirsty” for likes. Kenny makes fun of me for it all the time. There’s a certain validation that comes from having a well-liked post, we all know that feeling. But is it more important than the validation one receives from being fully submersed in a live performance of the soundtrack of your life? Hell no. I’ll take no one knowing I was even at a show, loving every second of connecting with the guys, rocking on with my hands in the air and resonance of Brad’s drums in my chest over a couple dozen “likes.” Dustin goes on to make super valid points that waving your phone around to get videos and pictures, ruins the show for those around you. I don’t want to be the jerk that someone talks about after the show who held their phone up, blocking the view of the concert. The fact that I was this person in Saint Louis appalls me.

Courtesy of Third Eye Blind, Mike Wilson Photography

So here is my vow, for all future shows, 3eb and otherwise, from the moment they take the stage to the second the venue turns on the lights, my phone will be put away. I urge the rest of you to do the same. Like Stephan says, this is a gathering of friends. We are taking part in an ancient, tribal ritual of experiencing this music together. Let’s do exactly that.