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Lyrical genius, Stephan Jenkins, delivers songs from the perspective of others and creates narratives shedding a light on the personal plights that one might face on a daily basis or in a lifetime. Stephan's bold approach with issues and topics occurring in the human race, along with his own personal trials and victories, empowers and inspires a human demographic that creates a culture out of their music- it's a lifestyle. 


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We become untethered and no longer fully in control of the flow and direction of the night.  Is that frightening?  My heart always gets the pit.  It definitely heightens my sense of aliveness.  I feel a sense of wonder. 

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What Is a 3eb lifestyle?

And I am not alone as I am connected to my band making every subtle pulse of rhythm and harmonic. They keep amazing me. What makes the moment though, is the fans join the exchange.  They’re not in control either.

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And they begin to raise their state together. And what that does is make people know deep within themselves, they are not alone. We hold this ineffable experience in common.  Together, we are human.

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We are engaging people for whom our music is part of their present tense- not a memory, but now. That is  remarkable to me. Throughout the night, in songs from the new albums and playing deep cuts from our first days, I see these deep emotions ride up, hope, and rage and lust and redemption and all I can say is I am glad for all of it. 


There’s that moment when the house lights dim, the stage starts to glow, and boom we’re in it now life a space-walk or a wave. 

— Stephan Jenkins

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"We can do whatever we want tonight," Jenkins said.