We all have that one song that is engraved in our DNA, a song that would be impossible to live without or maybe its a song you want to embrace and get to examine its meaning a bit closer. 

Start Date: 16 April 2018. 

Using the information that was collected during the song studies and cyberspace, we will begin to build each song webpage as well as connect with others who would like to add to that specific song.

You can sign up in each album indicating your interest, however your song will be decided on a first come first served basis. 

You will be given credit on any songs that you sign up for. 

There are six team leaders and they will be announcing the Expert parent in the lifestyle group and I will update the directory with that info as well. The team leaders will be in direct connection with me, and working directly with you, this allows us to engage and interact and grow. It will also give everyone the opportunity to lead and create, exploring a new perspective of Lifestyle community, and the band. 

Please visit your leaders profile and read their bio and any articles they might have written to get to know them better.  Thank you for being an expert and  embracing this journey. 




Lifestyle Example:

Self Titled




Out Of The Vein


Ursa Major




We Are Drugs