Stephan Jenkins

You just go, ‘Fuck it, that’s what I’m saying.’ That’s where writers need to live. It’s the rock 'n' roll mentality.


To speak with Jenkins is to thoroughly understand his obsession with words. He speaks excitedly, but with measure, searching quietly to find just the right phrasing. In the end, though, the songs were finished. “You keep coming back to it, and you stay open and vulnerable to it, and then there’s this moment where some amount of trust in yourself and a lack of self-judgment kicks in,” Jenkins says.

“You just go, ‘Fuck it, that’s what I’m saying.’ That’s where writers need to live. It’s the rock 'n' roll mentality. You have to just be able to huck it out there without self-judgment or fear of judgment from others.”


“I’m much happier as a person and in a much more wholesome state, so I feel a lot more confident. More so than ever in my whole life, I giveth not one fuck.”

Nothing’s safe, no smoothed-out edges, nothing like that at all. It’s like the whole thing was keep the edge, keep it weird. Jenkins said of “Screamer.”

“'Get Me Out of Here,' on the new record, doesn’t seem very calm to me. There’s murder, fellation, splattering cocaine all over a party, there’s people getting stabbed in the heart. It’s my own little horror movie,” he says.

“But I’m more whole. I’m more whole. In some ways, that makes me more dangerous. More willing to wager and huck it out there. At the center, I’m more calm. It’s a little bit less about my self-doubt, and more about self-assertion in some way.”

I'd like to play drums in a goth-y EDM project and have Stevie Nicks come on and do vocals.

And thank you for liking my speeches, such as they are. I think I'm inspired by the idea of people coming together collectively around music. That is something ancient. That gathering moment continues to inspire and confound me.

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Stephen Albanese

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Stephan Jenkins Fearless

And they begin to raise their state together. And what that does is make people know deep within themselves, they are not alone. We hold this ineffable experience in common.  Together, we are human.
— Stephan Jenkins