Cause it’s time for them to be scared of us


Lisa Murphy

It is hard to believe that 20 years have passed. Their music still has so much meaning for me. The lyrics have gotten me through so many various stages in my life. Good times, tough times, their lyrics speak to your soul.

Back down the bully to the back of the bus/Cause it’s time for them to be scared of us.


Birth Sign-Leo
Relationship Status- Married
Children: Kaitlyn, 29, Jonathan, 27, Emily, 21
Pets: Gunner- a sweet, lovable, yellow Lab. Sammy- a sweet and sassy cat.



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Album » Self Titled
Song » Tattoo Of The Sun

Location —
Ellisville, MO

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My love for Third Eye Blind starts at the very beginning..

It was 1997. My husband heard “Graduate”, from the groups self-titled album on the radio in 1997. He was in love with the first listen. He brought home the CD (yes, CD, no such thing as digital music services back in the day!) I was hooked! Even though I followed the band closely and had all of their releases I did not attend a concert until 2016. We had a family with 3 small children at the time and did not have the finances to go to concerts. I have made up for it in the past 2 years. Any chance we get, my husband and I are taking a roadtrip to see the band. We have seen them all over the country. I have been a administrator/writer/editor/contributor at 3EBLifestyle since January, 2018. I was so thrilled to find a place that had the same love for Stephan Jenkins and Third Eye Blind as I did.

On a personal note.. I live in St. Louis, MO.  I am a registered nurse. I have worked in a number of specialties but currently work cardiology at a large academic medical center.  I have been married to my husband Jim for 31 years. We have 3 grown children, Kate, 29, Jon, 27, and Emily, 21. We are fur parents to Gunner a 95 pound lovable, cuddly Labrador Retriever and Samantha Jo a sweet rescue cat. In my down time I enjoy spending time with family. I am a music fanatic. When not traveling to see the band, my husband and I are attending concerts locally. We like all genres of music but our favorites are rock and alternative groups. I love photography and have used my skills to record our trips to different cities. I am a foodie and love going to new restaurants and trying new foods, we always try to visit a couple different restaurants when we travel to a new city.  

Welcome to 3EBLifestyle! Can’t wait to meet everyone at an upcoming show!