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Photographer. Cinematographer. Social Justice Warrior. Efficiency Expert. F-Word Connoisseur. Artist. Aspiring Author. Mother. Wiener Owner. Friend. Fashion Voyeur. Giggles at Double Entendres. POC. Always Introspective. Always Macrospective. Connected to the Universe, resides in the PNW. Depending on who's looking, my life has shiny and loud lucky points and secret corners shrouded in darkness, all soundtracked by Third Eye Blind for as long as I can remember. Every album has soundtracked intimate details about my personal life, always feeling like a companion when I’m lost.

I have ADORED discovering Lifestyle this year, its like finding my people so I can walk with them. There’s rarely a conversation I have that doesn’t include the phrase “There’s a Third Eye Blind song for that” While 3EB has been a part of my DNA and the soundtrack to my life since Self-Title, I really embraced living the Lifestyle when Dopamine came out. I almost exclusively go to 3EB concerts and I LOVE traveling to them. I’ve seen them play in multiple cities, different coasts, and event different countries, and continents :) I’ve enjoyed writing articles over the year and also photographing for 

I’ve enjoyed writing all of the articles, the most difficult, was chronicling losing my friend to addiction and suicide, which originally scribed the band into my DNA, and loved the realization that all of us hard core fans often have a darkness that fuels our love for the band and ties us all together.

My favorite song and lyrics change daily (I literally have a spreadsheet of my 48 favorite songs and why they are my favorite) but at the moment of writing this, I’m *newly* OBSESSED with every line in Non-Dairy Creamer, but especially  “Did you ever think someone’s tricking you”

I don’t know that I will ever be able to encapsulate what I love about Third Eye Blind into words, but here is a stab at it. 3EB lets me know I’m not alone in my darkness, facing suicide, addiction, infidelity, loneliness, desire can make you feel like a freak and a misfit, but having the music and now the experts make me less alone. Something that's special about 3EB is who they are and what they stand for OFF of the stage.They speak up for what I believe in, and I can be proud of the individuals from rescuing people surfing, to speaking up for Black Lives Matter, ITMFA, helping Veterans, environmentally conscious and they like to have a good time but also take the time to speak their mind on what's important.

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Nic Sams