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Wake For Young Souls

Third Eye Blind is the soundtrack to my life is an expression I’ve seen posted a lot lately and it really resonates with me, which I’ll go into.

It’s taken me awhile to write this article as it brings up a sad time.

I was at work one morning in a manager meeting when I got a call, I looked down and saw that it was my parents’ house.

They rarely call so when they do, I know I should answer. It was my brother calling to let me know that my mom had gone to use the restroom at home, at this time it was just my brother and dad at home and they tend to be off in their own rooms playing on the computer. I’m not sure how or why but after a while my brother realized mom had not come out of the bathroom. With no reply he broke the door down to find my mother on the ground. 911 was called and they found out she had a brain seizure and they had to put her in an induced coma.

Immediately, I’m not exactly sure what transpired at the hospital but the next day my mom calls me from the hospital. I was in complete shock like wait...what? She’s conscious!? She sounded so lively on the phone and was like “Get me out of here.” I went the next day with my partner and was very fortunate she was conscious; it was hard to make out her words except “Take off my hat I’m indoors.” She’s very old fashioned (had me when she was 43). After seeing her we left and found out she started having more brain seizures and they had to put her in a coma again. Just 5 days later they took her out of the coma and all my family was there and we watched my mother go. ☹

Courtesy: Alan Chester

On my way home after that I got in my car, packed up my bowl and put on Third Eye Blind and cried the whole way home. I’ve heard all the songs as wasn’t sure which one to start first so I just played random. “Wake for Young Souls” starts to play. I’m not really sure how at the time I didn’t recognize the song must have been my most underplayed song. But man the words resonated with me.

“Today I found my soul, I felt it die inside of me.”

We really didn’t have many photos of my mom around, she hated getting her picture taken but there is one photo on the wall.

“I have your face in a photo in high school, when you were alive.”

Courtesy: Alan Chester

My mother was a very strong willed woman. She was a stay at home mother and made me who I am. Like I said, she was older and was the age of my friends’ grandparents as I was growing up but she was always 20 at heart and didn’t let anything stop her.

“Where does time go now on a wake for young souls.”

My Dad passed 8 months later.  At the ages of D-73 M-71.

3EB has always been there for me in good times and bad. THEY ARE THE SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE. I’m grateful for their music and the healing powers of music.