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Third Eye Blind Ink: Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Editor: Lizette McMillen

Introduced to Third Eye Blind by her family, Jessica Morrison has been a fan from childhood.

Her sister shares this deep rooted love for the band as well.

Together, they got 3EB inspired tattoos when Jessica turned 18. Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind their tattoos, how their 3EB love is a big part of their sisterly love, how 3EB has personally affected Jessica, and more!


Brittany Chamberlain:  When did you first hear 3eb? Was it love at first listen? 

Jessica Morrison:  I first heard Third Eye Blind when I was pretty young, probably around the age of 10. I remember hearing hits like “Jumper,” “How’s It Going To Be,” and “Semi-Charmed Life” on the radio in the car and always singing along with my mom and sister. Ever since then, those tracks have been go-to road trip songs for us, we never get tired of hearing them.

BC: Tell me about the tattoo. It’s one of the more unique and original that I’ve seen! What was the inspiration behind it?

JM: I got my 3EB tattoo on my 18th birthday with my sister in November of 2016. I had been wanting a 3EB related tattoo for a long time. At first, I just wanted their logo, but I kept developing the idea into something more unique and personal. The design of the tattoo is derived from the song “Palm Reader.” I chose this song just because I can relate to the message and it is one of my favorites because of the overall beautiful composition of the song. It is one that I’ll always remember and be fond of.

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

BC: Was there a motivating life event? Were you influenced by a transition or specific person?

JM: I have always been a fan of the band, ever since I first heard their music, but I started listening to their songs religiously when I was going through a tough transition in my life and needed some emotional support. Throughout my life, I have always turned to music during troubling times, and Third Eye Blind has always been my rock in good times and bad. The range of emotions represented in all their songs makes it easy for me to relate to them, making them an “every-occasion” type of band. For that reason, in my opinion, they are unlike any band.

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

BC: Sum up your relationship with your sister and your shared love of the band.

JM: My sister and I have always related through our similar taste in music. We are always sharing new bands we find with each other and bonding through our love for them. We go to concerts together as often as we can. We both feel that music is the best therapy and it helps define us and shape us into who we are. We both consider Third Eye Blind to be in our top 5 favorite bands, partly because they remind us of the nostalgic feeling of our childhood, which we still treasure and appreciate, and also because they have played a major part in guiding us through our (young) adult life. Essentially, Third Eye Blind is the glue that holds us together.

BC: Can you give me a Top 5 song playlist?

JM: Top 5 song playlist (it's really hard to pick just 5 because they are ALL my favorite):

  1. The Background

  2. Darkness

  3. Motorcycle Drive-By

  4. Slow Motion

  5. Sharp Knife

BC: If you could ask Stephan ONE thing about ONE song or lyric, what would it be?

JM: If I could ask Stephen about any song, I would ask him about the inspiration behind Slow Motion. It has some of the most intense lyrics I have heard, and I just think it would be interesting to hear about the experiences he has had that led him to write the song.

Courtesy Jessica Morrison

Courtesy Jessica Morrison