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In A Wild Dedication, Take The Moment Of Hope and Let It Run.

It was the first year of our marriage.

A marriage that has lasted a solid nine years and still going strong.

It was during that first year where I got my 3EB tattoo.

I was nervous about revealing it to my wife who was totally against it. Sure enough, I saw a side of her that I never wanted to see again.She finally accepted it as part of who I am. For my first real true love of twenty years is 3EB.

Fast forward seven years later, I finally got to see 3EB perform in their hometown of SF. I even had a backstage pass. I got to meet Stephan and Brad. It was during this time where Stephan got to see my 3eb tattoo and then sign my leg next to the tattoo. Weeks passed after that show. Every shower I took slowly washed away that signature that was signed by the magic man. And finally one day, it disappeared. I felt determined to have destiny or have pure luck bring that signature back into my life.

The next year brought many new exciting people into my life. There were many new 3EB groups to be a part of. It was here where I met Liseli. Not only was I on a mission to get that tattoo back but by the prayers and the unconditional love that I received, I was going to complete my mission. More than a friend and angel. You are my miracle in my heart. Thank you, Liseli.

The Summer Gods tour wrapped up another unforgettable experience and full of surprises. The very next day after the last night of the tour, I found myself eager to get that tattoo. Nothing was going to hold me back. I found a tattoo parlor online close to home. It was called Honeymoon Tattoo. A honeymoon to the Summer Gods tour. A reminder of that first 3EB tattoo I got the year I got married. Second time around had to be a keeper. I just showed it to her. This time, she didn't show any anger. She knows where my hearts at. She is a good woman. She is like my tattoo. Forever.