The Inspiration

"We've always wanted to create our own sort of world," says Jenkins about Third Eye Blind. "The ethic of that was to always do it yourself. Think for yourself." This sense of originality and independence is one key that drives the creative spirit of the band.

Stephan cites the energy of the city as an inspiration that sparks his creativity. "I'm a real child of the concrete," he states. "I like urban environments. I'm inspired by all the different lives and strata that go on there." 

"I wanted to be a storyteller," says Jenkins. "I see music and drama and writing and poetry as all being connected to the same idea, which is storytelling. Music has always been the thing that compelled me the most. There's something about a four-minute song that creates this complete world you can step into."

Jenkins creates songs that are heartfelt and intense. The songs tell stories of people who are both flawed and radiant, of making sense of the fates life hands you.

Fans are important to Stephan and he is impressed by the creativity of the active Web culture that surrounds Third Eye Blind. "The Web allows a closeness that's not filtered between me and the media. It's much more direct. I appreciate that, and I really respect that."

"I think music is an identity formulation device. I think our fans embrace music the same way I did, kind of using it to figure out who they are. Who I am has always started with a song."

Stephan Jenkins



 Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind.

Stephan Jenkins, Third Eye Blind.