Saturday with Stephan: What You Mean To Us

As this weekend is the Berkeley stop on the Summer Gods tour, I wanted to take a moment and instead of share a fan's experience with Stephan Jenkins, share what the man and his music has meant to so many. Here, unedited and in their own words, is what Stephan Jenkins means to just a very small portion of his fans. Thank you, Stephan, for giving us all so much hope, inspiration and, for many, a place to belong, where we are no longer alone in being misfits.

What Is A Buffalo: What Happens In Vegas

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you’re a fan of Third Eye Blind and that you think they’re pretty fuckin’ amazing. Bands don’t get great overnight, though. Each member of the band belonged to some other number of bands before ending up in the formation we currently know and love. At the end of May, I ended up venturing down a rabbit hole and digging up some of LeCav’s past bands from his Vegas days. One band in particular, Existo, eventually lead me to Ryen McPherson who directed a music video for Existo back in 2005 and has so graciously provided us with this weeks tribute.

Soundtrack to Our Life: All These Things: Surviving A Lifetime of Demons

Tasha caught my attention one day on a Facebook thread. She has posted about her struggle with cancer. I contacted her about sharing her story with Lifestyle, not knowing what all that would entail. A cancer fight is hard enough, but learning what else she has battled in her life and how Third Eye Blind had helped her through was both heart breaking and inspiring.

Saturday with Stephan: Biggest Little Fan

This week’s tribute is very special as it comes from not just Ashley Hataway, but also from her son, Noah, who just might be Stephan Jenkin’s biggest little fan. Music is very important to Ashley and her children, especially the music of Third Eye Blind. Here is Ashley’s interview with her son about his first concert and experience with the Greatest Rockstar Ever.

I Never Really Loved Anything That Didn’t Scare Me - Except Lollipops: A Four Year Old’s Birthday Wish

A mash-up of footage from life on the road, the red carpet, studios, and some beautiful island scenes, the video for “Weightless” was one that I had to replay over and over. I loved it, and I wasn’t the only one. Fans everywhere were diggin’ the work of Gavin Michael Booth, including two of the bands youngest fans - my daughters.

Soundtrack To My Life: Shipboard Cook

Memories of windows, hospital sheets, and living in the background were immediate reasons to validate that Third Eye Blind's, Self Titled was really the soundtrack to my life.  The year that I spent in Los Angeles after Christian's death, was definitely enough material to execute a full length screen play to the words found in each and every one of those songs.  Every album after that was a love letter written to me coming straight from heaven, only thing is that no one believed me, and no one really listened long enough to understand what I really was trying to explain.  Let's Begin.

The Regal One

I was introduced to Third Eye Blind like most children of the 90s – “Semi-Charmed Life” was pretty damn inescapable in 1997 – And me being 14 and HELL on wheels with no parental supervision had recently developed a penchant for doing crystal meth until I was lifted to the point of breaking.