Everything is Easy when you are parenting with Third Eye Blind.

Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind performs the band's song "Everything Is Easy" live for ALT987fm at the WaterMarke Tower in DTLA.

We have a seven year old girl with a Third Eye Blind Lifestyle, and we have her wonderful mother to thank for this.  Parenting has taken on a new dimension in the world and it has everything to do with Stephan Jenkins and Third Eye Blind.

This is one of her favorite videos, and we asked her mom why? 

She loves it for a bunch of reasons. First, I was trying to prepare her for seeing them in concert. So I showed her some live 3eb stuff on YouTube. When she heard this version it made her understand what I was trying to explain about music. That the album version is like a bug trapped in amber- static- but the artist moves on. If you listen to the album version of EIE, it sounds like he's still in this relationship, where the girl is kind of taking him for a ride, one of those push-pull kind of relationships that are exciting when you're in them. So it's kind of like he thought it was fun then, but in the live version, he realizes that he too was one of the "boys that she plays" and she says he sings it live like now it hurts. And it made her get what I said about what, to me, is a great vocalist. It's not range or never being flat- it's about making me feel what you feel when you sing.  Oh and she also loves it because, if she could be totally responsible for how Stephan looks, this is how she would make him look. Hair just long enough to curl and looking kind of unkempt and scruffy.