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Bare Feet.

Bare Feet.

September 13, 2009

last night we played in the rain in jersy and i thought i would get electrocuted. bare feet. stage full of cables. lots of volts. puddles. plugs. shit. 

still, i like to play in adversity and i was stoked to see so many people come and get wet and get down. i was also thinking that last night was really aboiut the last of we'll be playing the set this way. brad won't be soloing on jumper when we start the tour in october for one. i just want to think out loud here for a moment about what i'm thinking about.  

Heather Leah Kennedy

i want to play lot's of new songs. i want to tell the story of ursa, but it's this bed time story thats rolling around in my head and it hasn't taken shape yet. i just want the video to kind of take you on that trip.

everybody knows we are going to bring lee on this six week run. why you might ask? well, i always like the striped down way we've played, but we've been playing in this stylie for the last few years.

i want the sound to change on stage [i'm flying directly over the grand canyon as i write this i can see it below and i can see rapids and it's so kick ass.] i want it to be big and open (see grand canyon reference) and with a another keyboard and guitars that lee will be playing, we'll make a whole different landscape.  

lee will also be delivering your weekly horrescope. it's about time we had that with all these stars around and all.

well here comes l.a. time to go. talk to you all on love lines tonight.


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This blog post written by Stephan Jenkins was taken from a very special archive. Thank you for reading.



 My love for Third Eye Blind is one I can't explain. Written By Faith.

My love for Third Eye Blind is one I can't explain. Written By Faith.

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