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I Can See Every One Of You

I Can See Every One Of You

If you have ever been to a Third Eye Blind show (or if you have watched enough show videos) then the words in this title should be familiar. They’re Stephan’s words. “You might think I can’t see you out there - but I can. I can see every one of you,” he says, gazing out across the crowd from the rails to the lawn seats and side to side.

It’s no lie. We may all be out in a large, lightless room or standing under the stars while the stage is lit up and looking glorious. We perceive ourselves to be in the dark. But those flashes of light up on stage - the spotlights beaming down, casting rock star silhouettes - they don’t just light up the stage. They light us up too. They show the band our true faces. Every one of us.

Another part of every show is where Stephan tells us all to put our phones away. That we can’t capture the moment. Some of us heed this request religiously while others blatantly disregard the request. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, snapping a few photos or taking a short video here and there but for the most part keeping our phones in pockets or purses.

Considering both these things, I asked my peers to show me any photos they were able to capture where they knew that yes, the band does see us, because they’re looking straight into the shot. There was an outpouring of excitement, people eager to share their photos and talk about the moment they had. Here are a few...

Expert Lauren Sebastian

“In OKC, on Halloween, Kryz noticed I was taking a picture of him and, instead of giving me a good one, he decided to be silly and cross his eyes. Still one of my favorite pictures, though!” Fall 2017 - Expert Lauren Sebastian

Expert Liseli Thiele

“First time out at a concert after his [My son, Garvin’s] brain surgery - 75% of the concert, he [Stephan] looked at where Garvin was standing. My son asked me if I had put him up to that. I said no, he is just in tune. Powerful night in Ventura, 2016.” Expert Liseli Thiele

Expert Susan Ferrara

“My beautiful bestie was screaming for him to look our way, and he did! It felt like an old friend recognized my face, and [I felt] the way that Beatles fans went bonkers and started tearing up ‘n’ crying... Yeah. I love this band so much it’s ridiculous. 11/11/17 - Boise, ID, baby. It was so f’n’ awesome.” Expert Susan Ferrara

Expert Lorenzo Perez

“I think he was looking at me here, either thinking, “get that phone outta my face,” or, “that better be a damn good picture.” Haha.” Houston, TX, Summer 2017 - Expert Lorenzo Perez

Houston, TX, 2015 - Expert Lorenzo Perez

“On November 15, 2017 in Sacramento, CA, the most amazing thing happened to me. I was somehow able to photograph one of my all time favorite bands, TEB. There was a small photo pit area, and the crowd was parted from the stage like the Red Sea. I was there, almost alone. I had the area to myself, besides two other photographers that came and went. I was there as a photographer, but also as a fan, as I rocked my TEB shirt. I was front and center as TEB came out. I needed someone to pinch me. Was I dreaming? I was closer than front row. I took so many photographs [that] my finger developed a small blister and [I] used 3 SD cards. My sisters were in the crowd, and it was hard not sharing this moment with them, but I knew they were having their own moment. This was our band, our night for memories. I will never forget this night for as long as I live. It’s still unreal to me!”

“Maybe he was singing just for me.” Sacramento, CA, Fall 2017 - Expert Krissy Comer-Sullivan

Expert Bridgett Colson

“It was surreal, for sure, amazing, exciting, and somewhat unbelievable that this actually happened.” San Jose, CA, Fall 2017 - Expert Bridgett Colson

Sacramento, CA, Fall 2017 - Expert Bridgett Colson

Expert Cassie Yorba

“It could be my imagination, but I swear he was looking right at me when this was taken. I feel like he remembers me since I had to bug him this summer over a ticket debacle.” Birmingham, AL, Fall 2017 - Expert Cassie Yorba

Expert Alan Chester

“This was at the Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl. [It was a] cold, rainy night and Stephan said it was his first zombie crawl and [he] was super happy to see us rocking out, even in that crappy weather. The whole show I felt weightless, like I was floating, just in my happy place, hearing the soundtrack to my life live again.” Fall 2017 - Expert Alan Chester

Expert Donna Smits

Left to Right: Stephan at The Oran Mor, Glasgow, Scotland; Kryz during the Dazzleships show, The Chapel, SF; Alex Kopp at The Meilkwig, Amsterdam; Brad at The Paramount, Asbury Park, NJ - Expert Donna Smits

Expert Kendra McWilliams

“October 21, 2015. Brady Theater in Tulsa, OK. He kept looking at me and my sister the whole time and it felt like he was singing only to us. I tweeted this pic that night and tagged him in it and said, “Pretty sure Stephan and I had a moment,” or something cheesy like that, and he retweeted it, and I died.”

Expert Kendra McWilliams

Left: Brad, Tulsa, OK, Fall 2015; Right: Stephan, Las Vegas, NV, Summer 2017 - Expert Kendra McWilliams

10/16/17, Clive, IA - Expert Cassie Snyder

Expert Lizette McMillen

“Here’s Stephan talking to the kids at the end of the Sacramento show. I only had my camera on to get a photo of the line up. As I’m snapping the photo of the line up, I realize Stephan is coming our way. I was holding the camera in front of my daughter’s body so I couldn’t really tell if I was getting a good shot or one at all. I had brought her for her birthday. She had met him and Brad earlier that day and rode the rail (literally sat on it) the entire show. I didn’t realize until after the show that I hadn’t gotten any photos of her during the show - her birthday show! I was glad that I was able to catch this moment for her, though.” Fall, 2017 - Expert Lizette McMillen

So know, friends, that Stephan isn’t lying. The guys can - and do - see us while we are out there in the crowd. When we are rocking out, when we are singing, when we are crying - they see it all. Cherish these moments and remember that there’s no “us” or “them” at a Third Eye Blind show, but that we are in the company of friends and together as one, because, together, we are human.

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