Saturdays with Stephan: Amanda Olsen Birlew

Photo: Martin Lacey

Part of the Third Eye Blind Experience is about more than the music. It's about coming together with your people, the people who you find and who find you through the shared power and love of the music. These people become your family and every concert is more than just a rock show. It's a family reunion, a reunion made even more special by getting to meet and appreciate Stephan Jenkins. This week we're sharing 3EB Expert, Amanda Birlew's moment with the man himself.

In October 2015, a small group of fans who consider themselves a Misfit family got together and decided to see Third Eye Blind at their Nashville stop. Following the show, they camped out by the buses to try and chat with the guys. People came and went, time ticked by.

"Stephan kept us waiting like a true rock star, then was apologetic for making us wait." says Amanda 

Waiting to speak to Stephan is always worth it, though. Especially when you're able to get him to write out a special lyric and get a moment to tell him just how you feel about him, the music and what it means to you -- even if it all comes out in a manic rushing line.

"I thanked him for the lyric he had written out for me, then rambled something completely manic as this photo was snapped. He then moved on to take a picture and have a moment with another adoring fan." Amanda said.

Thank you, Stephan, for always taking the time to make your fans, like Amanda, feel special.