Kopp Vs. Monday Blues: Diana's Story

Twitter Courtesy. Alex Kopp.

Do you have the Monday blues?

I have the perfect cure – everybody’s favorite keyboardist, Alex Kopp! Each week, we will fight off the Monday blues with a story about Kopp and an expert. To kick this off, I’ll start with my own story of interaction and a little bit about why I love Kopp.

Kopp is that mellow low-key guy that gently smiles and doesn’t necessary say a lot, but when he does, it’s worth the wait because he’s pretty damn funny. Kopp’s smile and wink can chase the blues away, whether it’s Monday or any other day of the week.

Expert Ericca Smith, recently reminded us all of the feeling when you hear the first sound of the concert; Kopp on the keyboards. He’s the first one to lead us into oblivion.  My first interaction with Kopp was on July 14, 2016 after they played in Patchogue, NY. While standing in the pouring rain earlier in the day to hold our spot at the rails (no rain coats because we were hardcore), we could have never anticipated the way the stars would line up perfectly at the end of the night. We were fortunate enough to get to hang out with the band after the show. We sat at picnic tables by the buses and talked. I listened to Kopp talking to some other people and thought he was funny. I eventually got the nerve to ask for a picture and he easily said yes. Together we waited patiently and laughed while Kryz took the picture; the lighting was bad but the picture is perfect to me. Kopp had his sarcastic remarks and the banter between him and Kryz was pure comedy.

Most recently at the Chapel in San Francisco on April 6th, I asked Kopp for the set list. After they were finished, Kopp grabbed a Chapel employee, gave him the set-list, pointed at me and asked him to pass it on to me – Kopp than smiled and winked at me. What a great ending to an absolutely perfect night!

If you aren’t already following Kopp on twitter do yourself a favor and follow @akopp.

Happy Monday!