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Hug a Drummer: Side Comments

Hug a Drummer: Side Comments

So everyone and their mother knows I put together a “20 Years Down” book for the guys with everyone from the Misfits, and I planned on giving it to them at The Chapel show. I wrapped the book up in eight scarves, in a box, and treated it like my baby as I traveled from Boston to San Francisco.

Nicole Coletta. Courtesy

Brad, from the start, was always my biggest supporter when I announced this project. He liked every post I posted about it, every picture, and every quote. He would retweet and announce how excited he was to see the book. Naturally, I got nervous as the time got closer to give it to them.

The show happened, I nearly passed away front and center experiencing the atmosphere. My best friend blew out the candles and my other best friend got pulled up on stage. I felt so alive. I knew I needed to get that book to the guys, but I had no idea how it was going to happen. At this point, Danny had all my belongings, my raincoat, my debit card, my license, my purse, and THE BOOK. I asked Danny for my belongings and he told me he would go talk to the guys. Time had passed, I hadn’t looked in my bag, and I realized “You know what? They’re so busy. I’ll just give the book to Danny,” so that’s exactly what I did.

I met back up with Cody and we headed into the after party. I ordered my drink and was chit-chatting with LeCav, and Brad walks by me and says “Hey, where is that BOOK?” and smiles. Cody and I looked at each other and laughed. Brad, made of LIONS, loud as FUCK. It was so cool knowing after all that work I put into it, he was still so excited to see it.

About three days later, Kryz uploaded the photo of the guys and the book for me, but to no avail, Brad, my biggest supporter was missing. Either way, I was still so excited to see that friggin’ picture. The guys did that FOR ME? So great. I uploaded it to my page, to show love. But I’ve waited for this moment to share the updated photo of  that night. Brad this is for you:

P.S. Thank you for the drum head. - Nicole Coletta

Right Here Right Now

Right Here Right Now

Stephan Jenkins Live In New York City.

Stephan Jenkins Live In New York City.

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