Saturdays with Stephan: Who Wears Sandals to a Concert?

Most fans experience Stephan Jenkins through his music or in brief moments after a show. Some fans, however, find connection in unexpected moments that are real, funny and remind us of how human our heroes can truly be. This was Nicole Coletta's memorable experience with Stephan Jenkins.

 Nicole Coletta, Courtesy

Nicole Coletta, Courtesy

Nicole had the opportunity to attend Third Eye Blind's private show in San Francisco back in April. Of course, getting on the list for the show was no easy task. Nicole begged San Francisco's KFOG radio station to get her and a friend into the private show for weeks. Sounds like a normal thing to do when your favorite band is playing a private show, but for Nicole it was a mission impossible: Nicole lives three thousand miles away in Boston. However, persistence and passion pays off. Nicole went to lunch one day and while out got a message that she was on the list. Stephan himself tweeted her, telling Nicole he'd play "Alright Caroline" for her. It was off to San Francisco for Nicole and her friend, Eve.

Like any devoted fan, Nicole and her friend arrived at the venue two hours early to ensure a prime front and center spot for the tiny, forty-five person show. They were there as the Alexes arrived together, as Kryz rolled up via Uber and as Brad strolled by. Stephan himself turned the corner to the venue and was surprised by the eager crowd waiting for the show. And the show itself?

 Nicole Coletta, Courtesy

Nicole Coletta, Courtesy


"It was the perfect mix between acoustic and a guitar rock band. It was ethereal. I was in the perfect seat: front row, Kryz side," Nicole recalls. "Stephan started talking about a song, a request, a song he has no idea how we had heard it. A song from the beginning. I was in awe. He was about to play "Alright Caroline," a song that for so many years I had dreamed of hearing live. I jumped up and yelled “YES!" and everyone in the crowd laughed at me. It happened. The show was a dream."

Nicole didn't wake from the dream when the show ended, though. There was a rushed "meet and greet" session for everyone at the show. People lined up, they were able to speak with the band, have a picture taken, and then go on their way. Nicole happily got her photo and as she was leaving, she turned and, as she says "in my normal weird self," she gave the guys a thumbs up. And then?

"Stephan stopped me," she said, "Stephan stopped me and says 'HEY! Don't you dare wear those sandals tomorrow! Who wears sandals to a concert?'"

You see, it was a seated concert and Nicole wanted to look her best. But Nicole's sacrifice for fashion and style didn't fly with the music man. Despite Nicole's explanation, Stephan was still concerned.

"He replied 'I don't want to see you in sandals tomorrow. Wear military boots, like those!' and he pointed out the photographer's Gothic knee-high boots," she said. "He then continued to say 'I can't bare to see you with stubbed toes. God, I HATE stubbed toes!'"

Nicole giggled, told him she'd see him the next day for the show at The Chapel before leaving. The experience brought Nicole a new appreciation for Stephan Jenkins as well, elevating him to a father-like figure instead of just a celebrity crush. And that's what moments with Stephan are about: a real connection where you feel appreciated yourself even as you are appreciating your hero. These connections, from being granted special song requests to being cared for after the show, make the music so much more.

And Nicole did take one more thing from her moment with Stephan. Turns out his advice about shoes is pretty sound. As Nicole says, "but honestly, who wears sandals to a concert?"

Thank you, Stephan, for always looking out for your fans!