Hug-A Drummer: Brad’s style is the only style.

“Brad is such a nice guy,” you’ll hear it from anybody that has met or had contact with him and you know what - it’s true. Brad is a great guy.

When one of our Zeros was suffering the loss of his brother he wanted the elusive lyrics “In the Background” for a tattoo to honor his father and brother. I sent Brad a message via twitter and not only did he respond and assure me it would happen (and it did); he showed true empathy and concern for our friend and fellow fan. That’s just an example of how kind and sincere he is to the fans.

Last summer during my east coast concert trip, we were fortunate enough to hang out in Webster, MA after the concert. It was so laid back, just sitting at a picnic table waiting for Danny. Here comes Brad with a bottle of wine and his carefree smile and mellow persona. Yes, of course he shared his wine, he’s a nice guy. This is the most I had talked to Brad and it felt so normal - although my inner dialogue was filled with “OMG, don’t be an idiot girl, don’t say anything stupid, don’t say the ‘F’ word too much - just be cool.”

Diana and Brad Hargreaves/Courtesy

This picture was taken on that day and it’s a true reflection of his relaxed mood and my crazy happiness. I hope every fan gets the opportunity to have a chat with Brad, take a pic to last forever, and get to know a little bit about the beat of the band, the one made of lions, the only drummer that matters - Brad Hargreaves!